The Purity Of Wear-Resistant Alumina Microbeads

The excellent wear resistance of alumina microbeads is a needed quality for many products. The purpose of this work is to progress the wear resistance of alumina microbeads. The content varied from 0.01% – 1%. A test of the wear rate was achieved in a ball milling device in a water environment according to the industry standard. The compositions of this material, as well as the result of bulk density on wear rate, are done. The grain growth mode and the grain boundary cohesion were examined. It was found that wear-resistant alumina microbeads could refine grain size, form good compressive stress of the grain border, and promote the crystallization process. The wear rate was as low as 0.00052‰. The devices for wear resistance of these ceramics were also determined.

Our services:

We are a registered brand name and have spherical microbeads produced from a proprietary preparation. A high alumina composite contains alpha alumina crystals having a very low percentage of silica in body composition. Our beads are tough and sapphire hard, very dense in structure, much abrasive in nature, and resilient to abrasion wear, they can withstand higher temperatures and are chemically inert, gas-tight, non-toxic, non-radioactive, and free of voids.

Our microbeads have been established to be ideal for shot peening, and polishing of metal blanks, cast molded ferrous components, and precious metal ornaments. Our beads are found to be outstanding as fillers to form wear-resistant materials in resin-based adhesive compounds. They form a durable, abrasion-resistant coating on compound surfaces such as scrapper blades, chutes, material passing passage, etc. These coatings have enormous potential in shipbuilding, food & beverage industries as they form rough, chemically inert, not slippery, very wear-resistant flooring. In addition, they also offer good outstanding service as lightweight and abrasion-resistant lining.

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