Features Of The Cutting Wheel-Making Machine

The cutting wheel making machine for fibre reinforced thin resin bond is used for cutting wheels and depressed centre wheels

Technical specifications of cutting wheel-making machine

The Products specifications:

  • It has a diameter of 100-400mm
  • It has a thickness of 1-8mm,
  • It is flat, and parallel,
  • It has cymbals form, and it has inner and outer net, paste brand, etc with different kinds of cutting wheels and depressed centre wheels
  • The Rating press is about 400 tons and it has a cast steel beam
  • The Structure has a pane pushing thirty-six workstations
  • It works on Scrape mode with a fixed volume revolving switch, and an electric sloping plate slightly raise
  • The Control mode is made with PLC control;
  • The Capacity of the cutting wheel-making machine is 7 seconds per grinding wheel and the single head is about 4000-5000 discs per eight hours, the double head is about 8000 to 10000 discs per eight hours.
  • It has a pre-press function and it covers board automatic convey
  • The Operators has 3 persons

Properties of cutting wheel-making machine:

According to different technics and other products, this kind of cutting wheel-making machine can be made up to twenty-four workstations, thirty-two workstations

  • The cutting wheel-making machine can be used to produce 150 to 230mm cutting and grinding wheels. The Thickness will be from 1mm to 6mm. It is a Flat and very depressed type.
  • The two workstations cutting wheel machine is used for moulding fiberglass with a reinforced resin cutting disc and a grinding wheel.
  • The two workstations cutting wheel machine works with a floating press head.
  • The two workstations cutting wheel-making machine has a pressure which is adjustable.

The cutting disc and grinding wheel press machine is grounded on the digestion and absorption of both domestic and foreign technology and experience.

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