Features of Pyramid Structured Sanding Belts

The Pyramid Sanding Belts are made of a similar material as 237AA sanding belts. Our Pyramid Sanding Belt is made out of a similar material as 3M 237AA belts. These belts begin sharp and stay sharp for an additional predictable finish and reliable quality. The repeated exposure of fresh minerals guarantees a consistent, wear, perfect for achieving consistent surfaces on delicate or intricate components.

Features of Pyramid sanding belts

  • For all the metal applications, it is very well suited for meting out rust-free steel and stainless steel
  • The 3-dimensional structure of grinding media is pyramid-shaped. It has a high removal of material with, even and grinding results for the entire lifetime of the product.
  • It has Quick progress and it considerably reduces working stages associated with traditional grinding methods.
  • It is a Special product for processing light and heavy contoured parts in the stainless-steel business.
  • The Recommended circumferential speed is about 2.7-8.5 m/s
  • This product is equal to 3M Abrasive Sanding Belt 237AA 051111-66892-4 engineered abrasive belts.

The Pyramid Sanding Belt Abrasive Grading System actions the average particle size in microns and is also provided as the FEPA or P-Grade correspondent.

Pyramid Sanding Belt for SE 12-115 and SE 17-200 RT

  • The Maximum speed is 6,400 / min and the recommended speed 4,200 /min
  • The Diameter is about 4 “
  • The Width is about 4 “
  • It has 5 belts per package

The Pyramid Sanding Belt is a quality belt, exactly designed to provide brilliant service life and durability for numerous wood belt sanding applications.

The Product Details

The Product Display:

This is made of superior open-coated A/O particles and a very strong Y-weight poly cotton backing too. The belt is anti-static and greatly washable, and there are extracts on the belt. The Resins also resist the load.

The main features:

  • This is most suitable for finishing, crushing, deburring and regular crushing of non-ferrous metals like aluminum, titanium, bronze, and copper. The same smears to ferrous metals like steel, stainless steel, and carbon steel.
  • It is an Ideal material for production, better shaping, and sharpening. The water-resistant material allows very mild wet use.
  • The High-quality blue-fired seal coating material with crushing aids reduces heat and build-up.
  • This is a super strong and exact two-way tape joint. The belt can also run in both directions.


  • This is mainly used for wood, aluminum, non-ferrous metals, plastic, and stone.
  • This is Antistatic, washable, and adds additives to the resin.
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