Characteristics of Brown Fused Alumina

Brown fused aluminum oxide also known as brown fused alumina, is made into many shapes and sizes ranging from macro grits to micro grits and powders. Brown fused alumina is a tough, hard material with high strength, outstanding wear, and corrosion resistance, with a very good thermal conductivity. Brown fused alumina is extensively used as a raw material in refractories, grinding wheels, sandpaper, metal preparation, coatings, lapping, grinding, and lots of other applications. Our brown fused alumina grains and powders are obtainable in standard grit and powder sizes and can be made to separate specifications. Brown fused alumina consists entirely of aluminium oxide and is iron-free. Brown fused alumina is a bit less pure than white fused alumina. The superior composition of the angular mineral makes it tremendously stable. Brown fused alumina is mainly used as a blasting medium and also in floorings. It fits the group of fused alumina.

Applications of Brown fused alumina

  • In the Flooring industry it is used as an additive for wear-resistant floorings
  • In Blast-cleaning it is used in Cleaning metallic surfaces with the removal of material
  • It is used to remove rust from metallic surfaces
  • It is used to remove tempering colour
  • It is used to remove paint
  • It is used in surface pre-treatment before puting protective coatings
  • It is used in roughening metallic surfaces beforehand applying coatings
  • It is used for processing hard components and for creating a matt finish on glass

Brown Fused Alumina is a tough, and sharp abrasive which are suitable for grinding metals of very high tensile strength. Its properties make it an outstanding material for use in the production of refractory products. This material is used in applications like blasting and surface toughening. To deliver the correct solution for your process and make the most of your satisfaction we offer numerous types of reusable abrasive media like brown fused alumina. Brown fused alumina, is synthetic abrasive material made from a fusion of bauxite, and coal in an electric furnace. We bid the corundum in an extensive range of granulation.

The Properties of brown fused alumina

Brown corundum is an abrasive material, and it has high machinability as well. The combination of those properties makes it one of the best materials for cleaning stainless steel, aluminium, and copper. Fused alumina is a biological material and it varies to 95% depending on your needs. Brown corundum does not comprise lead and silica.

Uses of Brown fused alumina

  • For Cleaning steel constructions
  • For Cleaning steel, and heavy metals surfaces;
  • For Cleaning and decorating glass, and bricks.
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