Properties of Plated Iridium Corundum

Plated Iridium Corundum is a new type of abrasive which is plated with oxide on the exterior by specific processing. It is made from high-quality brown fused alumina claimed at high temperatures through rigorous deep processing methods and high-temperature heating.

Advantages of Plated Iridium Corundum

  • It has a large specific surface area
  • It has a very strong hydrophilicity
  • It has even particle size
  • It has a very high purity
  • It has a strong binding power
  • It has a good cutting efficiency
  • It has a good heat dispersion performance

Applications of Plated Iridium Corundum

  • Its chief performance is when compared with normal brown fused alumina the microhardness increases by 10%, the hydrophilicity rises by 3.5 times, grinding and cutting amount increases by 3%, and efficiency rises by 30 to 50%. It can be used for top-grade coated Plated Iridium Corundum tools and top-grade resin wheels.
  • It is used to produce ceramic grinding wheels, resinoid grinding wheels, grinding stones, Grinding blocks, sand papers, sand cloths, sand belts, polish waxes, etc
  • It is mainly used for abrasion and temperature resistance, in the oxidizable aggregate, and in the filling of shaped & colossal refractory in steel metallurgy, numerous industrial stoves, and electric furnaces.
  • It is mainly used for numerous material workpieces to decontaminate, prevent corrosion, eliminate oxide skin, etc.
  • It is mainly used for non-slip of the airport and chemical factory board paving.
  • It is used in Investment casting techniques of stainless steel and in aluminum casting in the coating.
  • It is used for Resin Boned and Vitrified Abrasives, Cutting Wheels, Grinding Wheels, etc.
  • It is used for Coated Abrasives like Abrasive Belts, Sheets, etc.
  • It is used in wet and Dry Blasting Media.
  • It is used in Grinding, Lapping, and Polishing Media.

Granular abrasives are used as the bottommost media of the filter bed to cleanse drinking water or wastewater. It is a novel type of water filtration material, especially for non-ferrous metal beneficiation. Plated Iridium Corundum has good toughness and very high hardness. It is appropriate for manufacturing Vitrified and Resin Abrasives. The abrasive tools are made from brown aluminum oxide and are suitable for grinding, carbon steel, malleable cast iron, and hard bronze.

The Abrasives can be divided into 2 kinds:

For Boned Abrasives: FT-01 With a Medium Density and FT-02 With a Very High Density

For the Coated Abrasives: FT-P

We can produce Heat-Treated which is also called Blue-Fired Brown Fused Alumina and for Ceramic Coated BFA.

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