Manufacturing Of Fused Aluminium Oxide

The procedure of manufacturing fused aluminum oxide was established at the end of the 19th century and includes the smelting of calcined bauxite and alumina in electric furnaces by the process of electrothermal fusion at a temperature of around 2000°C. The resulting fused aluminum oxides are hard minerals based on the α-aluminum oxide.

Properties of fused aluminium oxide

The fused aluminium oxide shows a value of 9 on Mohs scale with a hardness close to a diamond, which is the hardest known substance. Besides their hardness, the features of fused aluminum oxides comprise sharp-edged grains, load-bearing capacity, a degree of shock resistance, and thermal stability. Fused aluminum oxide is put to use in grinding, blasting, and cutting operations for the production of refractory materials.

We give a wide range of fused aluminium oxide-based products, for a wide range of applications. To please all varying demands, we are talented at implementing extra refining steps to standard production, to meet customized necessities of the different industries such as blasting media, coated abrasives, concrete and resin components, fused cast blocks, insulators, and heat conductive composites, laminates & paintings, refractories and ceramics, tiles and enamels. Fused Aluminum Oxide is commonly available in two variants Brown-Fused and White-Fused.

Features of fused aluminium oxide

Fused Aluminum Oxide is fused in an arc furnace and produces high strength, and extremely durable grain. The Brown Aluminum Oxide is a source of high-density product that is accessible in standard grades or it can be custom graded for all your application.

Uses of fused aluminium oxide

The fused aluminium oxide is used in refractories, thermal coating, and many other applications which require a raw material with a high melting point and a very high toughness.

Properties of Fused Aluminum Oxide

  • It has a high toughness
  • It is Wear-resistant
  • It is Chemically inert
  • It has a high melting point
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