What Is Abrasive Manufacturer

  • The first vertical B2B platform in the world, china Abrasive manufacturer is focused on abrasives, ceramics, refractory materials, and cutting, grinding, and polishing equipment. There are far too many material plants in China. Many material and tool makers in China want to export their products directly to customers all over the world, but they are unsure about how to get started and improve.


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  • Customers from outside of China could always quickly find more trading suppliers. However, a direct professional manufacturer is required. We need to establish the bridge and assist Chinese exporters and importers to save them time and money. Consequently, Mr. Heng Yang founded AbrasiveStocks in 2018.


  • Coated Abrasives Manufacturers, and exporters in China, our skilled team of specialists manufactures these rolls in a range of sizes to meet the needs of several industrial applications. The consumers highly value our ability to provide high-quality goods on schedule.


  • We provide high quality coated abrasives rolls in a range of parameters, including grains, backing, coating, and width, as per the needs of our esteemed clients. Our extensive selection of coated abrasive rolls comes in a variety of shapes, including rolls, discs, sheets, and belts.


  • You may complete the task more quickly with the coated abrasive materials we manufacture, which have grain combinations ideal for working on all metals and alloys. We provide coated abrasive discs that work with both angle and die grinders, as well as standard and quick change mounting solutions that accommodate a variety of tool sizes and designs.


  • In welding, metal fabrication, and other industrial production operations involving metal grinding, blending, and finishing, flap discs are a standard. You won’t need to move from a grinding wheel to a resin fiber disc since these coated abrasive discs can grind and finish in one step, saving you time and money. By removing less metal in each pass than bonded grinding wheels, flap discs decrease the risk of gouging the workpiece. We offer a variety of grits and a large range of additional alternatives to meet different demands.


  • We provide resin fiber discs with cutting-edge grain formulations to maximize metal cut rates. We also use a heavy-duty vulcanized backing that can withstand the roughest applications, superior structure that reduces loading, glazing, and grain striping, and improved design. For everything from aggressive stock removal to deburring, blending, and finishing applications, we provide discs in grits and grains.
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