All about Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Powder Uses and Benefits

  • Our organization is engaged in delivering a wide variety of Aluminum Oxide abrasive powder with a constant focus on quality. Among our customers, this product is appreciated for its excellent quality and high efficiency.


  • In order to ensure its compliance with generally recognised requirements, we  manufacture the supplied variety utilizing quality-approved Aluminum. This product is also suitable for use as refractory material in a variety of industries. Different parameters are tested on this material by our vendors.


  • Popular abrasives for polishing and etching include aluminum oxide. Although there are various kinds of materials that can be utilized for this, aluminum oxide is a superior choice due to its unique qualities.


  • The robust, cutting abrasive known as brown fused alumina is also ideal for grinding metals with high tensile strengths. It is a fantastic material for making refractory items due to its high thermal characteristics.
  • Calcined bauxite is melted at temperatures higher than 2000oC in an electric arc furnace to create brown fused alumina. After the fusion, crystals slowly solidify to form blocky structures. For the best grain toughness, Titania levels must be strictly regulated during the fusing process.


  • Aluminum oxide is a frequent blasting media used on metal, glass, wood, and other materials because of its abrasive character. Professionals across the sector like it because of its strength and adaptability.
  • Like sandpaper, aluminum oxide is ground into various grains. It can even be recycled, and you can utilize it for a variety of purposes. You can use it indefinitely until it starts to deteriorate. The sort of material you are blasting and the pressure you are blasting at will affect how quickly the aluminum oxide degrades. Additionally, it is quite strong and long-lasting. It works on a number of metals, including stainless steel and titanium, as well as other materials.
  • Due to its numerous special qualities, fused brown aluminum oxide is a superior material to other ones. An abrasive with a low iron concentration like aluminum oxide won’t cause your part’s surface to rust. Rust deposits can frequently lead to issues with upcoming processes.
  • Because it can be recovered and retrieved for more blasting passes, aluminum oxide is also a cost-effective blasting abrasive. Because aluminum oxide is a tougher abrasive than most, there is less particle shattering, which lowers the amount of dust produced.
  • In order to successfully impart an anchor pattern and deep etch for great coating and paint adhesion, aluminum oxide is the best material to use. Additionally, it is a great option for eliminating impurities, flaking paint, mill scale, rust, and other surface-level contaminants from a substrate.
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