The Facts About Pink Fused Aluminium

  • Pink fused aluminum is aluminum oxide to which chromium oxide has been added during the furnace process. The incorporation of chromium oxide into the crystal structure of aluminum oxide results in a modest increase in grain toughness compared to white aluminum oxide and a slight decrease in friability. Pink fused aluminum oxide has more toughness, aggression, and cutting power.


  • The same basic raw ingredients and processing steps are used to create pink aluminum oxide as they are to create white aluminum oxide. It has a rougher surface than white aluminum oxide and a harder hardness than white corundum. Low-roughness goods like screws, meters, measuring instruments, and blades are acceptable for grinding with it.


  • Pink fused alumina is produced by fusing high grade aluminum oxide with chromium oxide. The amount of chromium oxide employed affects both the color and grain hardness of the finished product. Greater production of chromium oxide additions results in harder grain.


  • Pink fused aluminum oxide works well for making vitrified bonded abrasives that permit grinding on hardened steels and alloys with high tensile strength. Pink aluminum oxide is typically used for grinding and honing purposes. Brass, bronze, copper, and zinc can all be treated with pink aluminum oxide in addition to non-ferrous metals, paints, wood, and synthetic materials.


  • It can be used in the production of abrasive tools, refractory materials, sandblasting, water-jet cutting, steel manufacturing, metallurgical, casting, foundry, and ceramic industries due to its high aluminum oxide concentration, which also gives it a very high refractory temperature.


  • Among the many uses for pink fused aluminum oxide are sanding belts, abrasive tools, sand paper, and sand cloth. Sandblasting, polishing, and grinding can be used on both metal and non-metal surfaces.
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