All The Information About Silicon Carbide Polishing Wheel

  • We have a big stock of Artifex rubber bound silicon carbide polishing wheels for Petschauer, Foley, Kirschner, and Gerling machines, among other polishing equipment. Artifex wheels can be used on a range of metals, including cast iron, gold, silver, platinum, titanium, copper, brass, and aluminum.


  • Their open, porous, foamed nature allows for a cool polishing process and perfectly conforms to the work piece. In our inventory, we have silicon carbide polishing wheels in 24 and 46 grit with a diameter of 6 to 10 inches. There are many thickness options. We also provide cork polishing wheels with a 10′′ diameter.


  • Their primary features include hardness, toughness (rigidity), particle size and shape, fracture character, and purity (uniformity). Other considerations include cost, availability, thermal stability, and bonding characteristics. No one property is necessary for any use.


  • Sandpaper and emery cloth are two examples of coated abrasives for hand use that frequently lack accuracy. These two terms are often used in place of “coated abrasives” by the general public. Among other coated abrasive product kinds are sanding cords, pads, belts, and discs. Variants can be manually operated or used as replacement components for power tools including belt sanders, die grinders, and sanders.


  • A drill polishing wheel that contains the silicon carbide polishing wheel material. The wheel is infused with silicon carbide abrasive and lubricant, eliminating the need for polishing paste. This can be used to polish and buff most ferrous metals, stones, glass, and ceramics.


  • Splinters are caused by the blocky grain shape utilized to make silicon carbide wheels. The resulting silicon carbide abrasives for blasting contain sharp edges. Silicon carbide can be processed again and used much more frequently than sand. The hardness of silicon carbide allows for significantly shorter blast times when compared to softer blast media.
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