Our Expert IT Asset Disposal Services

We offer secure IT Asset Disposal Services for established businesses looking for a stretchy range of asset disposition & supply chain management services. For large businesses, managing a widespread IT portfolio is a challenge made harder by the demands of the data protection & secure recycling. We take the danger out of asset disposal by providing a thorough, safe data eradication process. We provide supply chain services. We strive to maintain the high levels of professionalism and service that sets us apart from many of our competitors. We put all our efforts to safeguard your data security. Environmental sustainability is the heart of what we do. We adhere to a zero-harm policy in our connections with the environment. Our IT Asset Disposal Services maximize the reuse & recyclability of IT assets and components while paying complete attention to the safe disposal of your sensitive data.  We work with large businesses from an extensive range of industry sectors. We offer a flexible & attentive portfolio of services customized to the wants of your business, and we look to start the trust that comes with a long-term working relationship.

Our IT Asset Disposition

A well-defined, methodical program to manage the disposition of retired IT assets is key to shielding your data, controlling your assets, maximizing value retrieval, and meeting regulatory & corporate risk management requirements. Our programs continue to evolve & mature. Regulations requiring companies to defend personally identifiable information of customers, employees & other stakeholders continue to become restrictive. Data security is our top priority. Companies are seeking data safety and environmentally compliant programs to succeed in potential risks associated with the unaccountable disposal of equipment. We enable you to remove retired IT assets from your live environment & ensure all digital data is destroyed.

Our IT asset disposal services include:

Decommission IT assets at your site

Inventory reconciliation of superannuated assets

Data destruction services, at the location

Packing of IT assets

Receipt of IT assets into the inventory tracking system

Testing, and refurbishment of IT assets

Asset reuse and age

Asset redeployment, and recycling

Inventory reporting and financial settlements of assets resold.


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