How Exhibition Pop Up Display Stands Works

  • The best exhibition pop up display stands that are affordable, ideal for mall promotions and in-store brand engagement. It is perfect for locations where you require a portable background but there are height requirements. One of the most reliable and simple to set up pop up display stands is exhibit nation. Depending on the practicality and style of your individual space, show nation is available in a variety of background sizes.
  • We provide many different pop up stand designs and styles. Our straight or curved pop up stands in common sizes are our best-selling models. However, we also provide jumbo pop ups, which are  perfect for a large stand space, as well as midi pop up stands, which are high and excellent for smaller display stands.
  • The Pop Up display country Stand is the rental exhibit Florida large size portable exhibition stand since it can fit in the back of any automobile. All of our pop up displays are modular and come with a sturdy carrying box. This makes movement and storage simple. Pop up stands may be set up by one person in under ten minutes without the use of any tools or specific expertise. There are no additional contractor fees necessary.
  • We have a graphic design studio on staff that can create entire graphic and exhibition stand designs to your specifications. If you don’t have access to specialised design software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, we may either design the stand from scratch to meet your specifications or modify your current artwork.
  • Pop-Up Gallery It’s incredibly simple to put together stands. The centre of the frame has magnetic stalks that hold it together so that it merely “pops up.” To increase the frame’s strength and stability, magnetic bars have been installed. Magnetic tape on the back of printed graphic panels allows for easy attachment to the frame.
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