All About 2 Story Trade Show Display

  • A 2 story trade show display installation from Exhibits nation that is innovative and exciting grabs attention. A bespoke 2 story exhibit that may be used as a lounge or for hospitality to entertain customers and prospects can provide more meeting space and increased privacy by maximising lines of sight, the utility of the space, and the available square footage. With these 2 story show displays, visibility from all over the show floor is improved, commanding attention and providing for more creative flexibility while carrying a visual punch.


  • A double-deck exhibit may assist brands in achieving important goals, making a lasting impression, and getting the best outcomes with a well-designed, imaginative trade show strategy and presence from Exhibits nation.


  • A double deck booth gives you the best possible trade fair exhibiting presence while wowing visitors and your rivals. 2 story trade show exhibits offer scale and exposure, whether you need extra office space, exhibit space, or lounge facilities.


  • Exhibition Pop Up display Stands are the norm in the show sector. They are a very popular alternative due to their portability, ease of setup, and comprehensive backdrop coverage.


  • The location of the exhibiting nation double deck booth at the end of the main hall was a beginning point and a benefit for the whole idea. The effect of the substantial canopy directs you to the exhibiting nation booth as you enter the room.


  • Double deck booths, often known as 2 story exhibits, are more common among exhibitors nowadays. With space for lounges, conference rooms, or even private demo rooms on the second floor, double-deck booths let exhibitors make the most of their available space.
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