Advantages Of White Fused Aluminum Oxide

White fused aluminum oxide is produced by the fusion of high purity Bayer-treated alumina in electric furnaces at a temperature of 2,050 degrees Celsius. Our white fused aluminum oxide has structures of well-distributed element size composition, low magnetic material content, high bulk toughness, good durability, and high cleanliness. The bonded abrasives by white fused alumina are suggested for the grinding of high carbon steel, speed steel, and chilled steel. It can be used as blasting, polishing media, and laminating floor materials. We are a manufacturer of white fused aluminum oxide and it is a high purity fused aluminum oxide. It attains its white colour as it is low in impurities than brown fused aluminum oxide.  It has high friability than brown fused oxide.  With a hardness of 9, Aluminum Oxide has a high-strength, wear-resistant substantial possessing a robust ability to resist dynamic chemical attacks such as acid & alkali at thrilling temperatures. Its degree of refractoriness, along with the greater electrical insulating properties, insulator properties, and melting point make the White Fused Aluminum Oxide a wanted material choice for a varied range of applications. White fused alumina is exceptionally pure and may be utilized with stainless steel and aluminium. White fused aluminum oxide is made by fusing high purified calcined alumina in electric furnaces. White Fused Aluminum Oxide is a purity fused aluminium oxide as it contains few contaminants than pink combined oxide. The crumbliness of brown fused aluminium oxide is high than white fused aluminium oxide. On the Mohs scale, it has a durability of 9. Due to its high refractoriness, owing to electrical insulating features, dielectric abilities, and higher melting point, White Fused Aluminum Oxide is a prevalent material for a range of applications. We offer a full range of alumina to meet your request.  Our Aluminum Oxide is obtainable in standard FEPA grading or as custom sizing.  The white fused aluminum oxide is obtainable in acid-washed, non-acid-washed, and also in microdermabrasion grades.

Typical Properties of white fused aluminum oxide

  • It has a High Hardness
  • It has a High Compression Strength
  • It has Wear-Resistance
  • It has Chemical Inertness
  • It has a High Degree of Refractoriness
  • It has a Greater Electrical Insulating Properties
  • It has Dielectric Properties
  • It has a High Melting Point

Application of white fused aluminum oxide

  • It is used in Bonded Abrasives
  • It is used in Sandblasting and polishing media
  • It is used in Laminating flooring
  • It is used in Refractories, Blasting Media, Grinding, Lapping, Coatings and Abrasives
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