Plated Iridium Corundum And Its Applications

The Plated Iridium Corundum is a low-cost method and process that can efficiently improve the presentation of the abrasive. The plated corundum grains are made by consistently mixing red iron oxide & ceramic binder, that consistently coats the surface of the corundum grains with a high-pressure scattering device. The coating should be very thin and uniform, else, the coating tends to peel off. This kind of grit is characteristic of improved durability, toughness, and adhesiveness. Products made of Plated Iridium Corundum tend to reduce peeling off of grains and have a longer lifecycle as well.

Applications of Plated Iridium Corundum:

  • It is used in Advanced Abrasive Grain
  • It is used in Grinding, lapping, and in polishing abrasive materials
  • It is used in Coated abrasive tools like aluminium oxide abrasive paper, abrasive belts, and abrasive cloth
  • It is used in Bonded Abrasive tools and in BFA vitrified grinding wheels
  • It is used in ceramics, sandblasting, precision casting, floor, and refractories.
  • It is used in Resin abrasives with a suitable colour, good hardness, appropriate particle section type, and edge retaining, which are applied to abrasives with satisfactory results.
  • Functional fillers are mainly used for automobile brakes, special tires, special building products, etc. which can be used as wear-resistant materials for pavement, runway, parking lots, industrial floors, etc.
  • Hydraulic cutting is environmentally friendly and uses abrasive as a cutting medium and relies on the hydraulic jet to cut elementary parts.

Iridium Corundum is smelted at a high temperature in the electric furnace. It is made by the raw material organization, electrolytic smelting, ferromagnetic separation, chemical inspection, product packaging, and other production processes. It has the features of high hardness, good manifestation, good fluidity, less union in use, non-explosion, and non-pulverization in the process. The abrasives are calcined to blue without cracks and rust spots.

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