We offer iced coffee pods for Keurig

When iced coffee manufacturing with a Keurig machine was first released, there were specific K-Cup pods that you had to use in order to maintain a high level of quality. However, some iced coffee pods for Keurig are better than others.

It is recommended to use only dark roast K-Cup variations in iced coffee. Light or medium roast coffees lack the strength to fight off the ice. Without a doubt, they will taste diluted. Nothing is worse than a weak-looking iced coffee. You will get exactly that with the majority of light and medium roast Keurig coffee capsules

Along with dark roast K-Cup pods, look for an extra-bold variety. Extra bold K-Cup coffee pods contain up to 20% more coffee than regular ones. This provides a tonne of support to guarantee that your iced K-Cup coffee maintains a rich body even after adding a significant amount of ice. The Special Blend is our favourite choice among the extra bold fonts that are offered. This small one is a powerful puncher, even on ice.

Avoid flavouring your coffee

The majority of flavor-infused Keurig coffee pods are mildly roasted. It doesn’t simply make for a weaker cup of coffee; the flavours also seem to have changed. Unless you can find a dark roast, very powerful, and tasty K-Cup, stay away from this category totally.

Only tea is still available as a distinct brew over ice option in K-Cup pods. However, you are free to ignore that distinction. Every K-Cup tea has a purpose and favouritism for those categorised iced teas is not justifiable.

Any K-Cup pod should be wonderful when placed over ice, so give it a try! Even odd choices like hot chocolate and cafe vanilla, which are obviously fabricated to look like beverages, are popular with us.

The important extra suggestions are to avoid using a glass cup, to fully fill it with ice, and to use the lowest water setting on your coffee maker after choosing the proper K-Cup.


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