We Are The Leading Coated Abrasives Manufacturers

For a lot of years, we are the renowned companies worldwide that have relied on both our experience and expertise in the coated abrasive products industry. Our unit is equipped with modern systems that use modern technologies for automatic processes. The high quality of our products is certain due to the careful selection and monitoring of all our suppliers, who are the leaders in their sector as an outcome of their quality and consistency.

Features of our Coated abrasives

Our coated abrasive manufacturers are extremely versatile and highly effective, and they have a proven track record. With a yearly output of many million square meters, we are one of the global leading manufacturers of coated abrasives.

Manufacturing of coated abrasive

Our coated abrasives are the key to a perfect surface. Like a top-quality product, the spirit of a good abrasive is the right components and a very perfect structure.

Advanced coated abrasives products for professionals

We make coated abrasive products with a lot of grain combinations suitable for working on metals and alloys that will aid you to get the job done fast. We bid coated abrasive discs well-matched with both the die grinders and angle grinders. The standard and quick-change mounting choices fit an extensive range of tool styles. The fibre discs are versatile and used with right-angle grinders. We offer resin fibre discs using progressive grain formulas that make the most of cut rates on metal. We also apply superior construction that reduces loading, and grain striping. Our blending discs are highly efficient and can challenge several steps in metalworking processes. These have many uses in light metal fabrication and in maintenance, and operations applications. These discs have premium abrasive grains which are fused with a superior bond to polymer backing that removes the need to use the backup pad.

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