Top 15 best trance DJs in 2024

Trance, the electronic music genre known for its soaring melodies, driving rhythms, and uplifting energy, continues to enthrall audiences worldwide. In 2024, a new generation of DJs stands alongside established veterans, pushing the boundaries of the genre and keeping the dancefloors pulsating. From festival mainstays to underground heroes, here’s our list of the Top 15 Trance DJs currently captivating the scene:

1. Armin van Buuren: A true titan of trance, Armin van Buuren remains a dominant force. His weekly radio show, A State of Trance (ASOT), is a global phenomenon, and his energetic sets at festivals like ASOT and EDC never fail to ignite the crowd. In 2024, expect him to continue releasing chart-topping anthems and championing new talent through his Armada Music label.

2. Above & Beyond: This British trio – Paavo Siljamäki, Jono Grant, and Tony McGuinness – are known for their emotionally charged, progressive trance sound. Their live shows are legendary, filled with soaring vocals and epic breakdowns that leave audiences breathless. With their Anjunabeats label nurturing some of the brightest names in trance, Above & Beyond remain a driving force in the genre’s evolution.

3. Gareth Emery: A master of melody and atmosphere, Gareth Emery’s productions are characterized by soaring vocals, intricate synth lines, and powerful builds. His sets are a journey through a spectrum of emotions, keeping the energy high while offering moments of pure sonic bliss. In 2024, keep an eye out for new releases on his imprint, Garuda, known for showcasing cutting-edge trance.

4. Aly & Fila: This Egyptian duo, Aly El Sayed and Fadi Wassef, are synonymous with uplifting trance. Their productions are characterized by euphoric melodies, driving basslines, and intricate sound design. Aly & Fila’s sets are guaranteed to elevate your mood, with a perfect blend of classic trance anthems and their own floor-stomping originals. Their label, FSOE Recordings, is a haven for uplifting trance enthusiasts.

5. Ferry Corsten: An influential figure in the Dutch trance scene, Ferry Corsten has carved his niche with a sound that blends uplifting melodies with a touch of progressive house. His sets are a masterclass in building energy and creating unforgettable moments. With his label, Flashover Recordings, consistently pushing boundaries, Ferry Corsten is sure to release some gems in 2024.

6. Markus Schulz: A veteran DJ and producer, Markus Schulz has consistently delivered high-octane trance anthems throughout his career. His Coldharbour Recordings label is a breeding ground for new talent, and his sets are a high-energy mix of his own productions and remixes of classic trance tracks. In 2024, expect Markus Schulz to continue pushing the boundaries of energetic trance.

7. Paul van Dyk: A true trance pioneer, Paul van Dyk’s influence on the genre is undeniable. His sets are a masterclass in weaving together driving rhythms, powerful melodies, and emotional depth. Though not as active in the mainstream scene as some others, Paul van Dyk continues to release critically acclaimed music and perform at select events.

8. Ørjan Nilsen: Hailing from Norway, Ørjan Nilsen is a rising star known for his energetic and innovative take on trance. His productions are characterized by catchy melodies, complex arrangements, and a touch of psychedelia. His sets are a breath of fresh air, combining established trance elements with modern production techniques. Expect big things from Ørjan Nilsen in 2024.

9. Christina Novelli: A talented vocalist and producer, Christina Novelli has carved a niche for herself with her emotionally charged vocal performances and uplifting trance productions. Her collaborations with some of the biggest names in trance, including Armin van Buuren and Gareth Emery, have cemented her place in the scene. Look out for new releases and captivating live performances from Christina Novelli in 2024.

10. Andrew Bayer: This American producer is known for his progressive trance sound, characterized by intricate melodies, evolving soundscapes, and a touch of darkness. His sets are a journey through his own productions and remixes, taking the listener on a captivating sonic exploration. Andrew Bayer continues to push the boundaries of trance music in 2024.

11. Ruben de Ronde: A rising star in the uplifting trance scene, Ruben de Ronde is known for his energetic productions and electrifying sets. His tracks are filled with soaring melodies, driving basslines, and euphoric breakdowns. With his label, Statement Music, showcasing new trance talent, Ruben de Ronde is sure to leave a lasting mark on the uplifting trance scene in 2024.

12. Ilan Bluestone: This Israeli DJ and producer is known for his progressive trance sound with influences from psy-trance. His productions are characterized by complex melodies, intricate sound design, and a touch of psychedelia. Ilan Bluestone’s sets are a journey through his own productions and remixes, showcasing his innovative approach to trance music. Expect him to keep pushing boundaries and releasing genre-bending tracks in 2024.

13. Ben Nicky: A veteran DJ with a passion for uplifting trance, Ben Nicky’s sets are guaranteed to elevate your mood. His productions are filled with soaring melodies, pounding basslines, and euphoric breakdowns. With his label, Nicky Recordings, constantly churning out uplifting anthems, Ben Nicky remains a mainstay in the scene. Look out for him at major trance festivals and events throughout 2024.

14. Lucy Gracen: A rising star with a bright future, Lucy Gracen is making waves in the trance scene with her powerful vocals and uplifting productions. Her collaborations with established artists are gaining recognition, and her solo projects showcase her unique talent. Expect captivating live performances and emotionally charged releases from Lucy Gracen in 2024.

15. John 00 Fleming: A true veteran of the trance scene, John 00 Fleming remains a popular choice for those who love the classic sounds of trance. His sets are a nostalgic trip down memory lane, filled with iconic trance anthems alongside some of his own timeless productions. While not pushing the boundaries as much as some younger DJs, John 00 Fleming continues to delight audiences with his infectious energy and appreciation for classic trance.

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