Things To Take Care For Teachers At A Flight Training School

Present the lesson in a logical order:


From the known to the unknown;

From easy to difficult;

From the concrete to the abstract;

From simple to complex;

From familiar to unfamiliar.


Always review basics before teaching new things at the flight academy van nuys. For example, when teaching the student to multiply using the math circle, the first example should be as simple as possible, like 2 x 2. The student already knows the answer and can therefore follow the manipulation of the math circle . For the following problem or example, changing one of the factors (2 x 4) allows the student to increase his knowledge from what he already knows. Continue the process until the student has mastered the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to solve real problems.

Present the new elements of the program step by step at the flight academy van nuys, making sure that the student has fully assimilated the previous step before tackling the next one. The duration of each step depends on the complexity of the subject to be covered.

Consolidate the new knowledge the student has just learned by often summarizing the main points of the lesson.

Use examples and comparisons to show that the new material being studied does not actually differ greatly from what the student already knows. The examples chosen can be real or imaginary, because the main purpose of an example is to give a pictorial verbal description so that the student can visualize the relationship that exists between what he is learning and what he is learning. He already knows. This is called using verbal aids to deliver instruction.



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