The Process Of Production And Character Of Pink Fused Alumina

Pink Fused Alumina is formed by doping Chromia into Alumina, which produces the material pink colour. The combination of the Cr2O3 into AI2O3 crystal produces an increase in toughness compared with white Fused Alumina. Linked to Brown Aluminium Oxide the Pink material is hard, aggressive, and has better cutting skills. The shape of the pink alumina is very sharp and angular.

The Applications of pink fused alumina

The FEPA grades are suitable for manufacturing vitrified abrasives for hardened steels and alloys with high tensile strengths of 50 Kg/mm2. It is used in tool grinding, knife sharping applications, profile grinding, flute grinding, dry grinding of the blade, and mounted wheels. The FEPA grades are a chosen material for working with non-ferrous metals, copper, zinc, brass, and Bronze, but it is also used for soft materials, such as wood, and paints. The production of pink fused alumina is similar to white fused alumina. With industrial aluminium powder as the raw material, Pink Fused Alumina is melted by the addition of 0.5% – 3% Cr2O3. After melting with chromium oxide, the colour of the Pink Fused Alumina obtained is a rose-pink colour, so the Pink Fused Alumina is called pink corundum.

Properties of pink fused alumina

Pink Fused Alumina has better toughness, when used with abrasive products, it can meaningfully improve the service life, grinding force, and additional properties of the abrasive cutting and the grinding wheels. And it can also stop burning damage to the piece during the grinding process.

Types of pink fused alumina

There are 3 types of pink fused alumina rendering to the added Cr2O3:

  • Low Chrominum pink fused alumina
  • Medium Chrominum pink fused alumina and
  • High Chrominum pink fused alumina.
  • The higher the Chrominum is added, the high the toughness is.
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