The Mechanism of Brown Fused Alumina

  • The main application for brown fused alumina is as a recyclable abrasive. Due to its low iron content, alumina is widely used in blasting procedures where it’s forbidden to have iron contamination on non-ferrous metal substrates. Swift-cleaning aluminum oxide is an abrasive that is very hard and sharp. It leaves an anchor profile before coating and is useful for eliminating scale, rust, and old coatings. It is used for refractory purposes as well as for polishing, grinding, and ceramic grinding wheels.


  • In electric arc furnaces, high-quality bauxites are reduced fused to produce brown fused alumina. Due to its high strength, hardness, and robustness, it is a fantastic abrasive grain for applications including grinding wheels, sandpaper, blasting media, metal preparation, lapping, and polishing.


  • Due to its thermal properties, it is a superb raw material for refractory applications. This product can be used with refractory materials, ramming different materials, charges, abrasives, sandblasting, grinding, polishing, etc. used to make refractory materials such as firebrick and castable.


  • Granular abrasives are employed both locally and internationally as the bottom medium of filter beds for the purification of drinking water or wastewater as well as for water filtration materials. These compounds are very well suited for non-ferrous metal dressing, such as weighting agents in oil drilling mud.


  • Hydraulic cutting is a form of safe, secure cutting technique that uses abrasives as the cutting medium and high pressure hydraulic jets for basic cutting on materials like steel, oil (natural gas) pipelines, and other things.


  • It is used to make molds for washed jeans, copper profiles, aluminum profiles, and glass. The ideal “environmental protection” type of sandblasting material has a moderate abrasive hardness, high packing density, no free silicon dioxide, substantial ratio, and strong toughness.


  • Free grinding – grinding grade abrasive is widely used in domestic advanced grinding materials for free grinding applications including kineshoon, optical glass, monocrystalline silicon, lenses, clock glass, crystal glass, jade, and other materials;
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