The Facts About Pink Fused And Fused Aluminium

  • Aluminum oxide that has had chromium oxide added during the furnace process is known as pink fused aluminum. In comparison to white aluminum oxide, the grain toughness is somewhat increased while the friability is slightly decreased by the integration of chromium oxide into the aluminum oxide crystal structure. Pink fused aluminum oxide is more resistant, aggressive, and capable of making sharper cuts.


  • For the production of vitrified bonded abrasives that enable grinding on hardened steels and alloys with high tensile strength, pink aluminum oxide is excellent. Most applications for pink aluminum oxide involve grinding and honing. Pink aluminum oxide can be applied to non-ferrous metals, paints, wood, synthetic materials, brass, bronze, copper, and zinc.


  • Pink aluminum oxide is produced using essentially the same raw materials and refinement processes as white aluminum oxide. Its roughness is greater than white aluminum oxide, and its hardness is comparable to that of white corundum. It is suitable for grinding low-roughness items like screws, meters, measuring tools, and knives.


  • Chromium oxide is added to high purity aluminum oxide during the fusion process to create pink fused alumina. The final product’s color and grain hardness are both influenced by the amount of chromium oxide used. Chromium oxide additives that are made in greater quantities make the grain tougher.


  • Fused Aluminum Oxide, commonly known as Fused Alumina, is a synthetic corundum manufactured by reduced fusing of high purity alumina powder and various fillers in an electric arc furnace at temperatures below 2000 degrees. Al2O3 makes up the majority of its chemical composition, with smaller amounts of silicon oxide, ferro oxide, sodium oxide, and water (SiO2).


  • Due to its high aluminum oxide content, it has a very high refractory temperature, is extremely hard, tough, and sharp-edged, and can be used in the production of abrasive tools, refractory materials, sandblasting, water-jet cutting, steel manufacturing, metallurgical, casting, foundry, and ceramic industries.


  • fused aluminum oxide is used for a variety of purposes, including sanding belts, abrasive tools, sand paper, and sand cloth.  On both metal and non-metal surfaces, sandblasting, polishing, and grinding . Water-jet cutting, etching, pattern cutting, wear proof ground, abrasion resistant floor buring, rust removal, cleaning and polishing on ceramic, wood, metal, and foundry parts are some of the services offered. Copper with a matte finish and a frosted glass effect.


  • Our professional specialists choose high-quality alumina powder, fuse it in an electric arc furnace, and then perform the usual crushing, shaping improvement, sieving, magnetic content removal, and grading into FEPA grits for abrasives and sandblasting. Our fused aluminum oxide is clean, hard, blocky, sharply edged, and well self-sharpening.
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