Properties and Functions of Stable Isotope Labeled Peptides

A chemically created peptide with the native sequence is known as a stable isotope-labeled peptide. Such tagging causes a peptide’s mass to differ from its parental peptide. The natural peptide can be directly and extremely effectively quantified in samples taken from the living body using analysis of the tagged peptide. Design your peptide using the multiple stable isotope-labeled amino acids to achieve the desired mass difference. Utilizing mass spectrometric analysis, the natural peptide can be easily and effectively quantified.

Because stable isotopes are not radioactive, utilize them as usual. Numerous conceivable changes, including the creation of disulfide bonds, glycosylation, phosphorylation, etc. are taken directly from the living body without any pre-treatments like enzymatic digestion, reduction or alkylation of disulfide bonds, etc.

Application to protein quantitation

In research, the use of stable, non-radioactive isotope-labeled peptides for simple detection is growing. The process of replacing specific atoms in normal amino acids with their heavy isotope counterparts results in isotope-labeled, or heavy, amino acids.

The physiochemical characteristics and chemical reactivity of stable-isotope-labeled peptides are the same as those of their unlabeled counterparts apart from a few exceptions. Labeled and unlabeled peptides, however, behave differently in some situations due to the slight mass difference. The use of stable isotope-labeled peptides in numerous absolute quantification applications, including quantitative proteomics, the quantification of complex protein mixtures at extremely low concentrations, is based on this.

We have created lots of these peptides. For the solid-phase peptide synthesis in our lab, only the highly enriched stable amino acids from the premium provider are used to create these peptides. These amino acids all have above 99% isotopic purity and are equally labeled. These crucial characteristics have made it possible for us to successfully meet the fluctuating demand for high-quality compounds. To determine the final purity and to ensure that our customers only receive the best peptides for absolute quantification, all stable isotope-tagged peptides go through a rigorous analytical examination.

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