Pelvic Ultrasonography: Comprehensive Guide to Procedures

Pelvic Ultrasonography is an effective diagnostic tool. It is used to assess the health of the pelvic organs. Lincshealth offers top-notch services in ultrasound. We strive to provide accurate and comprehensive care.

What is Pelvic Ultrasonography (PULV)?

Ultrasound waves are used to produce images of the pelvic organs. The uterus and ovaries are among these organs. It is non-invasive, and it’s safe. The procedure provides vital information for diagnosis, treatment and other aspects.

Why Would You Need a Pelvic Sonogram?

Your doctor may recommend pelvic ultrasound for several reasons. It can be used to diagnose conditions such as ovarian cysts and fibroids. It can also monitor your pregnancy’s health. It can also be used to evaluate abnormal menstrual blood flow.

Prepare for your Ultrasound

The preparation depends on the type. Transvaginal and transabdominal are the two main types. You’ll need to have a full bladder for a transabdominal scan. Before the appointment, drink several glasses of water. It will help to provide a clearer image. No special preparation is needed for a transvaginal ultrasonography. Follow any instructions given by your healthcare provider.

What to expect during the procedure

It is a simple and quick procedure. You’ll need to lie flat on your back for a transabdominal ultrasonography. The lower abdomen is covered with a gel. This gel increases sound wave transmission. The technician will then move a transducer across your abdomen. This device uses sound waves to produce images on a screen.

The process for a transvaginal ultrasonography is a little different. You will lie on your stomach with your legs bent. The technician inserts the transducer, which is lubricated and small, into the vagina. The pelvic organs can be seen more clearly. It may be uncomfortable but it shouldn’t hurt.

Sonographers: What is their role?

They are trained to perform ultrasounds. They will ensure that you are comfortable throughout the procedure. They can also provide high-quality images to ensure accurate diagnosis. Our team at Lincshealth is committed to compassionate care.

The Results: Interpretation

The images are analyzed by a radiologist. They check for abnormalities of your pelvic organs. You will be informed by your doctor of the results. These results are used to plan the next steps of your treatment. This could include further tests or a new treatment plan.

Pelvic Ultrasonography: Benefits

The benefits of pelvic ultrasounds are numerous. They are safe and non-invasive. Contrary to some other imaging methods, they do not use radiation. They also provide real-time images. It is important to evaluate the pelvic organs’ structure and function.

Pelvic Ultrasound Detects Common Conditions

Ultrasounds of the pelvis can be used to detect many conditions. This includes ovarian cysts and fibroids in the uterus, as well as ectopic pregnancy. Also, they can be used to diagnose pelvic inflammation and endometriosis. They are also essential for monitoring the fetal growth during pregnancy.

FAQs about Pelvic Ultrasound

Does the ultrasound procedure hurt?

In general, the procedure does not cause pain. It’s possible to feel some discomfort but it is usually manageable.

How much time does it take to perform the procedure?

Typically, a pelvic ultrasound takes between 30 and 60 minutes. The duration of a pelvic ultrasound can vary depending on the situation.

After the ultrasound, can I resume normal activities?

You can return to normal activity immediately following the procedure. No downtime is required.

What are the risks of pelvic ultrasound?

Pelvic ultrasounds do not pose any risks. There are no radiation risks associated with them because they don’t use radiation.

Lincshealth is the best choice for your Ultrasound needs

Lincshealth places your health and wellbeing at the forefront of everything we do. Our team of experienced professionals provides compassionate and thorough care. Our team uses the latest technology to guarantee accurate results. We will guide you at every stage of your healthcare journey.


Ultrasonography of the pelvis is an important diagnostic tool. It is used to assess and diagnose various conditions. We are dedicated to providing the best ultrasound services at Lincshealth. Our team of experts ensures that you are comfortable and gets precise results. Call us now to book your pelvic ultrasound. We can help you to take charge of your health and feel confident.

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