Passport Requirements in Place of Lost or Stolen Passports

The application form must be filled out online and a printout must be brought with you.

  • An affidavit for a passport in lieu of lost or damaged passports.
  • Passport lost Jawasat/Police Report with official English legal translation.
  • Iqama details/residency status printout from Jawasat with official English legal translation.
  • two current, white-background, 2 x 2 inch passport-sized photos.
  • duplicate of a passport first two and last two pages and all pages of observations, if any, made by the Passport Issuing Authority
  • valid Iqama copy
  • Under the Lost category, the Tatkal facility or same-day delivery is not offered.
  • Documentation checklist for lost or damaged passports:
  • Print a completed online application form for an Indian passport
  • With the two pictures of 5cmX5cm.
  • passport photocopy of the first & last page
  • copy of a work permit or residence permit with front & back side
  • Police Complaint Report in the event of a theft or loss
  • a statement from the applicant outlining the circumstances surrounding the loss, theft, or damage of their passport
  • a letter from the employer or institution outlining the employment, course, and stay details
  • CPR card copy
  • a self-addressed, postage-paid, envelope of the proper size if you want your passport returned via mail.

Only in circumstances where the Embassy deems it necessary to do so, a Short Validity Passport is given for a term of six months.

Please inform applicants that passports with such short validity cannot be renewed. The Embassy will accept applications for passports with ten-year validity from those who pay the standard passport reissue charge and provide the required supporting documentation. Our emergency lost passport replacement services will help to get a lost passport very quickly and will help to get a new passport as early as possible at a reasonable price.

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