Our IT Hardware Maintenance Services

Our services enable us to maintain extensively distributed IT installations and direct customers to use our IT Hardware Maintenance services to increase their reach. Product vendors influence us to roll out their after-sales system.

Extensive Range of Assets Covered

When clients look for a vendor to deliver IT hardware maintenance, they need the same vendor to service all the assets. Consequently, we deliver support for an extensive range of asset categories.

Our Multi-Vendor Support

We have expertise in upholding IT equipment from most leading companies. For large customers or for Third Party Maintenance Businesses, our skill to provide multi-vendor support across an extensive range of assets results in the comfort of business to focus on your business. At the same time, we guarantee your IT hardware keeps on going.

End-of-Service Support

Manufacturers of servers and networking often work on few-year life cycles, after which they state products End-of-Service-Life, making it problematic to get support. Even though prevailing assets may be satisfactory to handle software workloads, clients have no option but to invest in new equipment. By contributing support and genuine spare parts, we help to maintain them even after their life is over.

Our People Strength

Our maintenance ability depends on many engineers and helps desk managers skilled in supporting an extensive range of IT assets. Regular upgrading of skills is essential and we invest heavily in technical & soft skills training and documentation. A well-equipped training capability at our service centre provides in-house training to our technologists. We provide service to customers and we offer the best coverage, short response time, and resolution time to suit customer needs. To guarantee seamless service delivery, we have industrialized systems and processes. Our experts can forecast parts required to fix all the breakdowns, suggest alternative part numbers, and also plan parts inventory for individual maintenance contracts.

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