More Than a Simple Battery

“Captain, your power is out. Alter to backup mode.”

There is no telling how many times this has appeared in films and television shows. It is no longer considered a clever plot element, but it is an excellent example of the importance of reliable power supplies. There is no way to switch to a secondary power source for a building, ship, or anything else if that backup energy is not keeping systems running for those critical minutes.

The term “critical power” sounds dramatic, but it accurately describes what it is. With current advancements in computer technology, sudden power outages can result in the same data loss and damage as an improper shutdown. Even if a backup generator is installed, it takes time to get them up and running – when the power goes out unexpectedly, there is no time to waste because computer problems arise the moment the power goes out.

This is why it is critical to provide each machine with its uninterruptible power supply. These items are more than just batteries. They are constantly on the lookout for when the main power is turned off while the computer is still running.

When this occurs, they immediately cut in to ensure that the machine does not lose power. The operator then has some time to either start the backup or safely shut down the computer.

Batterie ricambio UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) should only be purchased from reputable power service companies because they are more than just batteries. Only companies trained in power services have the technical know-how to ensure that a Batterie Ricambio UPS works properly every time.

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