Mathieu and Nicolas Gagnon-Oosterwall – Two Brothers in the Beer Industry

The beer and varied other alcoholic drinks’ industry is turning into billion dollar with top brands are creating headlines; while many others are making their remarkable debut. People love sharing their beer cans and bottles with friends and colleagues or wish to enjoy every sip on their own to get the freshness and purity at its best. If you are looking for the best range of beer brands and other alcoholic products, you will have some better options to fulfill your BlueSpike Beverages. Two brothers with entrepreneurial mind have come up with long list of options to help you choose the best one.

How to Story Begun to Found Brewery

The beginning of breweries is also interested as it started with a beer-loving grandfather and his descendants – two brothers with an entrepreneurial spirit. These two brothers are Mathieu Gagnon-Oosterwall and Nicolas Gagnon-Oosterwaal. They decided to found the Les 2 Freres brewery and brew their creations in Terrebonne, in the heart of the 640-Est Industrial park. Before becoming a story of hops, the adventure of young entrepreneurs begins first and foremost with a family story and great complicity.

According to the brothers, their whole family has been entrepreneur. Their father always wanted to have their business in the beverage industry. In this way, they plunged into the adventure and in 2007 with Les Breuvages Blue Spike they started it with specialization in the marketing of innovative and unique beverages. Mathieu Gagnon-Oosterwaal and Nicolas Gagnon-Oosterwall naturally evolved towards the brewing market.

2013 to 2014 Were the Most Crucial Years

The idea of founding a brewery took hold and fermented for a year. It happened in the year of 2013. Later on August 2014, the vats of their company were set in motion and they witnessed the birth of Charles-Henri White and Amber – two beers named in honor of the maternal grandfather and a Hickson IPA in Memory of James Hickson – the manager of an inn in England where Mathieu and Nicolas reconnected in 2001 – one having come to join the other on a university exchange.

Microbrewery beer remains a constantly evolving market and its products come from the regional terroir. They capitalized on the regional products; while the brewers look for recipes unlike the commercial beer. They knew well the bottling is important part. For this, they team up with two other entrepreneurial brothers – Guillaume and Vincent Soulieres. Now, with smoothen ways are paved for progress, the company is all set for province-wide distribution from Rimouski t Gatineau via Rouyn0Noranda and Sherbrooke.

Both Mathieu Gagnon-Oosterwall and Nicolas Gagnon-Oosterwaal are working for the success and to provide something fresh and different to beer lovers.

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