List of Restaurant Equipment- The Essentials

Opening a restaurant is a whole organisation. For several months, you will have to define a business plan, plan a budget, and find the right commercial premises.

Once the room has been found, it must be equipped! This is where the serious things begin, since choosing the right equipment will have an impact on the quality of your dishes, the speed of your service and the comfort of your guests. One can find kitchen utensils online sale and find the best one for them.

What is the list of essential equipment for a restaurant? Where to find this equipment? How to save money on professional kitchen equipment?

Kitchen: hot equipment



Ovens and microwaves

Contact grill

Stoves (gas or electric)

Kitchen: cold equipment

Refrigerator (storage function, cold)

Cold room:

Kitchen: essential equipment for the preparation

Tools and utensils

Scales, mixer, blender, food processor, measuring cup, spatulas, whisks, deep fryer, meat grinder, pasta sheeter, vacuum packing machine, thermometer, and more according to your needs!

Dishwasher and/or glass washer

Pots and pans

Stock of dishes

Cutlery, plates, bowls, salad bowls, glasses etc.


(Or jars to preserve food)

Stretch wrap and aluminum foil

Cutting board

(Prefer plastic to avoid the development of bacteria)

Packaging for delivery

Stainless steel table and worktop

Stainless steel sink

Shelving and shelving

Good ventilation

Kitchen printer

(To automatically know the order taken on the checkout)

Kitchen Glasses

Bar or restaurant counter

Orange press

Coffee machine

Cups, lids, stirrers

Cocktail utensils

Ice maker

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