How You Can Take Benefit Out Of Ffxiv Gil Online?

Gil is essential in Final Fantasy XIV to keeping up with the game, not only for purchasing weapons and gear but also for maintenance tasks such as paying NPCs to repair equipment and Materia melding.

There are various methods of earning cheap ffxiv gil, with the Market Board often being one of the more lucrative ways. This can be especially lucrative at the beginning of a new patch when items sell for higher than usual prices.


Players in Final Fantasy XIV usually spend their Gil on equipment, mounts and housing, but there are other ways of earning it as well. Crafting gear and selling it on the Market Board are an easy way of earning Gil; alternatively they could also utilize price-checking websites in order to avoid overpaying for items on said Board.

Crafting is the most profitable way to earn Gil in Final Fantasy XIV. Crafting is especially lucrative at the beginning of each patch when many gatherables sell at premium prices. Completing quests such as MSQs or Leve Quests also provide players with Gil rewards; hunting treasure maps often yields lucrative materials that sell at higher premium prices on Market Board; retainer ventures are another source of regular income without expending much energy or time;


Final Fantasy XIV players use Gil for various items such as weapons and gear, housing furnishings and furnishings, cosmetic items (glamour items) mounts and cosmetic upgrades (ie: glamour items and mounts). Furthermore, Gil can also be used to avoid obstacles in dungeons or raids and purchase convenience items like food and potions if difficulty arises during gameplay.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to earn FFXIV gil is through gathering jobs. These allow players to sell materials collected on gathering jobs directly to NPCs or players on the Market Board for profit; this is particularly advantageous at the beginning of every patch when many gatherables are highly desirable.

Questing and farming are great ways to make Gil in Final Fantasy XIV, though both methods require time investment. Furthermore, completing Duty Roulette and Challenge Log will earn extra Gil, while retainers can go out on hourly missions to collect rewards for them as well.


Final Fantasy XIV provides players with numerous means of earning and saving Gil, similar to other MMOs without RMT currency. Most quests offer some Gil rewards while chests in dungeons and raid bosses offer greater amounts. Players can also obtain this currency by completing Allagan Tomestones and Duty Roulettes or engaging in any number of endgame activities within the game.

If you want a quick way to make lots of FFXIV gil, try selling items your crafters and gatherers have created on the Market Board. This approach can be especially profitable before a new patch launches as people try to stock up their stores with items before taking the plunge themselves.

Gil is money in Final Fantasy XIV, and having plenty of it can allow you to do almost everything in the game – such as port around Eorzea freely, purchase gear so you can access high-end content more quickly and even buy cosmetic items such as minions and mounts!

Retainer Ventures

One of the best ways to earn FFXIV gil, particularly during endgame, is via ventures. Players can send out retainers on missions called Ventures to acquire items ranging from random pieces of equipment to specific necessities for themselves – these ventures cost some amount of Venture currency which can be obtained by exchange with Retainer Vocate, fulfilling leve objectives or beast tribe quests and even guildleves.

Retainers can be assigned classes and leveled into jobs just like players can. Depending on their class and equipment they can take part in Quick Explorations or expeditions that provide quick opportunities to rank up units quickly. Doing this regularly can prove very lucrative!

Players should keep their retainers equipped and in Quick Explorations at all times, regularly checking the market board to see what materials are available at what prices and determining how best they can spend their gil. This passive activity provides both income as well as insight into spending their gil in other ways.

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