How To Use Skin Care Products

Beautiful skin has nothing to do with luck, skin is a highly complex and reactive organ and how you treat and care for it makes a huge difference to how it behaves. There is no one-size-fits-all beauty routine, the benefits of a treatment are a matter of trial and error, and may depend on how the skin behaves on a particular day or time of the month.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to beauty routines is to apply products in the lightest formulas first, working your way up to the heavier ones. So start with water-based essences and serums that are quickly absorbed, followed by richer creams, then face oils if needed. Be sure to leave a minute or two between steps to allow skin to absorb each product.

If you’re looking to establish a beauty routine and don’t know where to start, here’s guide to the main products every routine should include, plus others you can add as needed.


When it comes to an effective beauty routine, cleansing (i.e. washing your face) is a given. With so much pollution, dirt, and excess oil that builds up on our skin throughout the day, as well as pore-clogging makeup, it’s important to get it all off at night by using skin care treatment products. Sweat, oil, and dead skin can build up on our skin overnight, so cleansing it in the morning is essential. Look for a formula that doesn’t overdry so you don’t dry out the skin and leave it irritated. Cleanse skin twice at night, first using a facial cleanser to remove makeup and excess dirt, then using a leave-in cleanser (such as water micellar) to remove any stubborn dirt.

If you wear mascara or eye shadow, you may want to use a separate eye makeup remover that won’t sting your eyes or disturb the delicate skin around that area.


Toners can be confusing, even for seasoned skincare users! Today’s toners have come a long way from the original formulas that typically contained a lot of alcohol and were designed to dry out oily skin. Modern toners have more nourishing and gentler formulas to suit all skin types and do not leave skin feeling parched. They are an optional skincare step to add an extra “boost” of hydration and skin replenishing antioxidants between cleansing and serums. They also work to balance the pH level of the skin and create a “waterway” to allow serums and moisturizers to be absorbed more effectively. They are traditionally applied using a cotton ball, but they can absorb a lot of the product, so the best way is to apply them with clean hands, splashing them and patting them on the skin (a well-known Korean method).

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