How to Pick the best Custom Keycaps for Your Mechanical Keyboard

Building a PC is the most exciting things you can do as you can modify your monitor, the aesthetics and presentation of the PC itself, and make a desktop look overwhelming. After possessing your mechanical keyboard for a while, you may be prepared to switch things up to keycaps with different aesthetics or profiles.

How to Pick the best Custom Keycaps

The building of custom keyboards is very exciting but also daunting as there is so much to know in terms of choosing keycap profiles, styles, and materials. The material of custom keycaps for keyboard is significant for a few reasons, some of which will be extra important to you than others. ABS keycaps are very common, as they are usually the more inexpensive option. They have a glossier finish and are made of thin plastic. These keycaps incline to show oils from your fingers, and the substance can wear down over some time.

Dependent on your switches, the ABS keycaps can have a different sound than the PBT keycaps due to the thin plastic. ABS keycaps can make full typing slightly quiet compared to the thick plastic of PBT. But this is subjective, and hearing about the change in person is the best bet to understand how large this deal is. ABS keycaps are also inclined to have more lively, colourful offerings than their PBT counterparts. PBT keycaps are not much common and classier but are of high quality than ABS. This tends to be made of thick plastic, durable, and slightly textured, it has a matte finish, and these keycaps last longer than ABS keycaps and stop oils from showing. This tough material comes with its downsides. The colours accessible tend to be less likely than what is available for the ABS keycaps.

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