How to Fix the TikTok Not Working Issue in 7 Simple Ways

Undoubtedly TikTok is one of the most famous social media applications nowadays. It is typically a video-sharing app, mainly used to make vertical short-form videos. Everyone started using TikTok to educate and entertain themselves; that is where the real competition began. Do you want to stay ahead of this competition on TikTok? Then try using to boost your exposure seamlessly.

Similar to other social media applications, TikTok users have also experienced some error issues. And the common question among many users is, ‘Why is my TikTok app not working?’. What if your TikTok app did the same thing like it suddenly got hung while you were watching a video or uploading a video? It would be very frustrating.  

This article is here to help you fix the TikTok not working issue in seven simple ways. So, continue reading this article thoroughly, try to fix the error, and enjoy the TikTok app.

First, let us understand the common reasons why TikTik is not working. Like many other developers, TikTok updates its software frequently to address problems, add features, improve security, and do various other things. As a result, there is a potential that TikTok won’t function because of an issue with the app. So, start by checking your internet connection first.

#1 Check Internet Connection

The first thing you need to do is check your device’s internet connection. Also, the TikTok app is an internet-enabled application that allows you to connect easily. So you can open any site and check whether your phone’s internet connection works. However you can solve this issue by yourself, but if you struggle, you can seek the help of your internet provider.

#2 Relaunch the App

Sometimes all it takes to close and restart the application will solve the problem. First, close the application entirely and relaunch it. Always remember that you can resolve any minor issues by restarting your application. You can also restart your mobile device completely to avoid this issue.

#3 Check for the App Update

Ensure your application runs the latest version, or your TikTok app will not work properly. To check for the recent update, open the Google Play store and select the Manage app and device option. Next, select the Updates available and then update the TikTok app. This is for Android users, and if you didn’t see TikTok in the Updates available option, it means you have the latest version. 

For iOS users, you can open the App Store and search for TikTok if you see the update option. Then, update it to the latest version. If not, there is no need to do that. Then you can post your video content again on TikTok and gain high conversion and engagement rates. You can opt to buy tiktok likes to improve your engagement rates to the very next level.

#4 Clear the App Cache Files

Another reason TikTok doesn’t work is that the cache files might have been corrupted. Several issues can cause this cache file to be corrupt, including malfunctioning apps and viruses. Therefore, you can solve this issue by clearing the TikTok app’s cache files. Also, deleting these cache files won’t remove any data or your login information from your account.

You can clear the cache files in two ways. One is through your phone settings, and the other is through the TikTok app itself. First, you can delete the cache by selecting the Profile option in the right side button corner. Then select Settings and Privacy by tapping the three horizontal lines in the right side top corner.

Now click on the Free up space, select the clear button next to the cache option, and clear the TikTok app’s cache files. Now, another way to do this is by your smartphone settings. 

Go to your phone Settings and navigate to the Apps section to select the App Management option. Next, tap on the TikTok app and select the Storage Usage option. Finally, choose Clear cache and delete the app’s cache data.

#5 Check If the TikTok App Is Down

Like many other app services, the TikTok server can also go down and cause an issue. However, these problems usually occur only when the app’s servers face technical difficulties.

Alternatively, to check the app servers, you can use some popular websites that will help you monitor and solve server errors. However, if you still have the same issues even after using these online service websites, you must patiently wait until TikTok fixes this problem.

#6 Allow Permission

Once you have installed the TikTok app, you need to allow permission for several factors like storage, camera, microphone, location, etc. So allowing permission will permit you to use the TikTok app properly. You might think that not allowing several permissions will not affect the app’s working, but sometimes it will affect it. So allow the relevant permissions to use TikTok efficiently.

#7 Report to TikTok

If you still have this problem, even after trying all these simple steps, you can contact TikTok to fix the ‘not working issue.’ Tap on the Profile button on the right side bottom and tap the three-line horizontal. Select the Settings and Privacy option, scroll down, and select Report a Problem option.

Pick out the topic and follow the mentioned steps to report your issue. You can select ‘No’ to the question ‘Is your problem resolved?’ if your problem is not fixed from the suggested steps. Then click on the ‘Still have a problem’ option so that you can talk to the customer support team and proceed further with your issue. Once you have fixed these issues, you can use TikTok flawlessly again. Get into free TikTok video downloader action now! Unleash your creativity and innovation in making appealing TikTok videos to your audience. Following this, you can try to enhance and strengthen your online presence and shine brightly from other users.

Wrapping Up

As you can notice, there are many reasons why TikTok might fail to reload or work slowly. But you can always resolve this problem by troubleshooting it. Hopefully, the seven simple ways described in this article will help you fix your TikTok not working issue effectively. 

Have your TikTok ever stopped working? How did you resolve it? Among these methods, which one do you find the most helpful? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Happy reading!

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