How Silicon Carbide Grinding Discs are very Ideal

The silicon carbide grinding disc is a reliable and durable solution for sanding & polishing. The silicon carbide grinding disc contains a high-performance ceramic abrasive grain on a laminate-weight polyester cloth backing, offering a nonstop cutting action & competitive durability. For boosting productivity in general-purpose metalworking, this silicon carbide grinding disc is ideal. The attachment system locks easily in place with a very simple twist action for quick and very easy operation. This fibre disc is appropriate for a variety of general-purpose metalworking requests, such as weld removal, and blending. The Silicon Carbide Grinding Discs are great for removing glaze drips, smoothing warped pots, grinding chips, and levelling shelf posts and furniture. These come for removing heavy materials and grit for smoothing.

Description of silicon carbide grinding disc:

It is a 300 mm diameter Silicon Carbide Grinding disc

It has a peel-and-stick backing for attaching to a devoted bat

It can be used on pottery wheels for grinding capability

It helps in the coarse – removal of heavy material

Uses of silicon carbide grinding disc:

It is useful in removing glaze drips

It is used in leveling a warped pot

It is used to grind a chipped pot bat grinder

It is very economical

It controls dust by using water

Cautions while using silicon carbide grinding disc:

Use all safety precautions every time

Always use your safety goggles and be certain that debris never gets into moist, and usable clay

Carefully clean all the splash pans to remove all sharp debris

Always use water to make the most of tool life and control dust

Do not attempt to use force grinding

Take care to avoid all the skin removal

Featuring an impressive abrasive blend, the disc is built for outstanding cutting performance & it is suited for mild and stainless steels.

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