Installing A Fireplace? Here’s How it can Heat Up Your Home Investment

The Canadian winters are popular for their extreme bone-chilling bites, with temperatures occasionally falling below -40°C. However, not all states experience the same severity. Temperatures here in Vancouver usually drop to -5 ° at most during the winters.

Although it doesn’t sound extreme when compared to the rest of the country, the most luxurious homes in Vancouver might feel incomplete without a source of warmth to keep you comfortable in the cold.

That’s one of the primary reasons why installing a fireplace is considered a worthy investment while planning for home renovation in Vancouver! However, that’s not the only thing that makes a fireplace a worthy investment. There are several other reasons that this blog explores to justify the installation of a fireplace, even after considering the higher installation costs.

What Makes The Fireplace A Worthy Investment?

  • Adds To The Comfort During Winters

Winters in Vancouver are chilly indeed! That’s why home renovation contractors in Vancouver like Roadhouse Homes, suggest including a fireplace for luxury homeowners. Because, nothing feels better than to snuggle in your favorite chair near the fireplace, with a hot cup of coffee and your favorite book! Not only that but the timeless appeal and the crackling sound of the flames (for a traditional fireplace setup!) contribute to making the fireplace a worthy investment!

  • Adds To A Stunning Design Statement

A fireplace adds to the aesthetics of your interior decor like no other thing! Owing to the vast array of design options available nowadays, you can easily tweak your interiors from traditional aesthetics to contemporary minimalistic ones by adding a fireplace to the setup. It adds to a certain level of grandeur that helps elevate the interior aesthetics of your luxury home significantly!

  • Versatile functionality

If you’re more inclined to contemporary and minimalistic design language, gas and electric fireplaces are some of the best ideas to spice up your luxury Vancouver home renovation. Gas fireplaces offer you the comfort of instant warmth, without worrying about chopping wood or cleaning the ashes from the chimney! Electric fireplaces offer a more modernized approach to consistent heating without the need for chimneys!


  • Sustainable Investment

Modern fireplaces come with updated technologies like adjustable thermostats for efficient heat distribution. This translates to more optimal heating than a traditional wooden fireplace, along with a significant reduction in energy costs all over the winter season. That’s another reason why professional home renovators advise installing modernized fireplaces during Vancouver condo renovations as a sustainable investment option!

  • Adds To The Valuation Of The Property

If you ever consider a resale of your luxury property, the fireplace might serve as a reason for an increased overall valuation! Since fireplaces are an uncommon sight for Canadian homeowners, they add to the charm and valuation of your property, and make your investments behind the renovations worthwhile!

What’s The Initial Investment?

The initial investments behind installing a fireplace depend on several factors like-

  • Type of the Fireplace

Traditional wood-burning fireplaces are placed at the lower cost spectrums while the gas variants are the most expensive ones. Most home renovation companies in Vancouver BC, go for electric fireplace options that bridge the gap between the traditional and the contemporary options!

  • Labor Charges

Depending on the location of your property, and the complexities involved during the installation, the labor charges can vary significantly. Labor charges usually account for one-third of the cost of a fireplace.

  • Modification Charges

If the installation procedure requires extra modifications, like installing the gas line or constructing an entire chimney for a traditional fireplace setting, the costs will increase accordingly. That’s the reason why professional home renovators advise you to go for electrical fireplaces to keep your condo renovation cost within your budget!

Beyond Aesthetics- Adding Comfort And Warmth To Your Place!

Installing a fireplace goes way beyond ‘just’ the aesthetics! It’s a practical decision to add a touch of comfort and warmth to your place.

And it’s not just about the winters! A fireplace also comes to the rescue during those cold spring evenings and chilly autumn nights! It creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that surpasses seasonal limitations and serves as an elegant and compulsory addition to your luxury home!

To Conclude

So, is the fireplace a worthwhile investment? Yes, it indeed is! Not only does it add to the aesthetics of your interiors, but also adds to the comfort, warmth, and value of your dream home! So, the next time you’re thinking of renovating, consider adding a fireplace to make the investment count!

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