Features of Fiberglass Backing Plate

We offer Fiberglass Backing Plate Backing Pad for the Flap Disc. It is suitable for Flap Discs, Non-woven flap discs. It is Conical or Tapered in shape. The material has the best quality fiberglass. It has excellent phenolic resin Galvanized metal rings. The Backing surface has black paper or other non-woven cloth

Material of fiberglass backing plate

The fiberglass backing plate has the best quality fiberglass fabric

It has an excellent phenolic resin

It has galvanized metal rings

Applications of fiberglass backing plate

It is used in flap Discs

It is used in non-woven flap discs

It is used in clean stripe discs and Felt discs

 Features of fiberglass backing plate

It requires no glue penetration

It is high-strength and has light-weight

It has flexibility with fiberglass fabric

It has excellent bonding properties and heat resistance

Uses of fiberglass backing plate

The Fiberglass Backing Plate Without Pressing is used as the backing pad for flap discs, clean & strip discs, felt discs, elastic flap discs, diamond flap discs, and in other abrasive discs

It is the best choice for Carbon Steel. It works great on almost all other materials, including stainless steel.

There are 2 types of thicknesses:

Standard-Density: Here the discs are compact and which makes them more aggressive.

Hi-Density: Here the discs have approximately 50% more material and it provides a cushioned effect for grinding and finishing operations.

There are 2 types of shapes:

Built-in angle for increased contact area and aggressive stock removal.

flat face for better blending & finishing applications.

The glue penetration of the Fiberglass backing plate is very good so that the abrasives cloth can attach to the fiberglass backing plate very tightly. It has no glue penetration, with High-strength, and is lightweight. The fiberglass backing plate is used normally for an angle grinder, and it also has a maximum operating speed.

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