Facts To Consider Before Buying Pear Loose Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but the cut and clarity may affect that friendship too. So, what if you cannot afford to adorn your finger with a classic round diamond? Look for a fancy cut that is pleasing to the eye and delights the mind at the same time. Check out the pear loose diamonds instead, and invest in the one that catches your fancy.

It suffices to know that this is a fancy cut based on the configuration of a round cut. The elongated shape is popular and referred to as a teardrop cut. There is no hard and fast rule about the length-to-width ratio, either. You can choose an elongated appearance or a squat one according to your taste.

While a typical pear-cut diamond contains 58 facets for the light to pass through, you may decide on the final shape, at your convenience. Remember that this cut is exceedingly popular in engagement rings, but you may use such a diamond to fashion dangling earrings, pendants, as well as suites of jewelry.

It is significant to consider every aspect when deciding on the teardrop-cut diamond instead of opting for a ring. Buying a loose diamond will allow you to experiment with the style and design before you finally set it and create a fascinating jewelry item. It certainly makes sense to answer the following questions honestly before going diamond shopping.

Why should you buy a pear-cut diamond?

Well, there are several reasons to select the teardrop diamond. For one, it resembles a round cut in brilliance, and you will get that extra sparkle not seen in any other fancy-cut diamond. The fire, brilliance, the number of facets match the classic cuts. It makes the pear cut an ideal diamond, and you cherish getting the best of both worlds.

Yet another reason that may overshadow others is the possibility of wearing it both ways. The pointed end looking down makes it classic in appearance. You get a modern look when you choose to wear it the other way. A win-win indeed!

Why is symmetry so important in this cut?

Well, symmetry plays an important part regardless of the type of jewelry you want to have the diamond set in. The only way to check for symmetry is to draw an imaginary line through its center. You are in luck if both sides resemble each other perfectly. An unsymmetrical diamond would be lopsided and worthless. Look for the perfection of symmetry before spending your hard-earned money on it.

What kind of setting should you choose?

Well, this will depend on the kind of jewelry you want to wear. You may choose between a bezel and V-prong setting, if you want to protect the pear-loose diamonds from accidental nudges and bumps. You may make your finger appear slender by wearing the pointed end down. Conversely, wear it horizontally for a mesmerizing appeal.


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