Eco-friendly ways to Draw Visitors to your Custom Trade Show Exhibits

We’re all becoming much more aware of the impact that free giveaways can have on the environment, even if they are still a very popular method to interact with your audience at trade exhibitions and events. More and more companies are making a conscious effort to avoid using “gimmicky” freebies that frequently end up in landfills in favor of eco-friendly products that can benefit the environment. Here are a few eco-friendly giveaway ideas that will attract visitors to your custom trade show exhibits and contribute to the environment.

Plants are a very popular choice for freebies in general, particularly ones that can be customized and placed on the recipient’s desk as a continual reminder of your business. These sow and grow kits are a great giveaway if you’re concerned about how they could move, especially if you’re organizing an international exhibition or event. They may be simply grown out of their pouches with a choice of seeds, including cottage garden mix, mixed herbs, a sunflower, or even a Christmas tree if you’re looking for something a bit more festive. They are filled with seeds and soil coins.

Sweets are usually a welcome giveaway, but many of them frequently come in single-use packaging. So, if you’re determined to go the sweet path, keep an eye out for products with recyclable or even compostable packaging.

People are becoming more and more dependent on having their own set of cutlery on hand as more restaurants, like McDonald’s, Disney, and Waitrose, eliminate single-use cutlery in their establishments. Due to the fact that it’s something that many people won’t have but genuinely need, this giveaway is a great choice. Consider pairing this travel cutlery with something appetizing if your business isn’t directly tied to food so that it makes sense.

As custom trade show exhibits articipants move about the rest of the event and head home afterwards, branded bags are a terrific method to spread the word about your business. But since they can undoubtedly have a bad influence on the environment, a lot of companies now use recycled or recyclable bags in their place. Use seeded paper bags that can be planted when you’re done with them to go one step further. The seeds start to grow as the bag degrades, and soon flowers will start to bloom.

We can all be held accountable for amassing a collection of reusable canvas bags that we don’t actually use as more businesses give them away. In light of this, if you want to give away a tote bag, make sure yours is the one they go for repeatedly by investing in better-quality, contemporary models.

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