Do you Want Take Information about Law Firm Sint Marten

ZL Attorneys at Law Firm Sint Maarten takes great pride in offering our clients the best possible quality and service. We build and maintain long-term relationships with our clients as their businesses succeed by paying close attention to their needs and addressing any specific concerns they may have.

We offer services related to commercial loan transactions, such as asset-based loans, acquisition financing, operating loans, construction and project financing, and joint venture finance, from the point of initial commitment to the point of completion. We offer real estate finance services backed by mortgages on commercial real estate, residential real estate, hotels, and retail center development projects.

The rule that governs the most common type of business in today’s society. Corporate law concerns the relationships between shareholders, directors, employees, creditors, and other stakeholders, including customers, the public, and the environment, in accordance with the company’s internal standards. Whether “the corporation” is a locally based business or an international business with offices in Curaçao, it is our responsibility as your lawyer to make sure that “the corporation” controls every part of its daily operations on a micro and macro level in compliance with Curaçao legislation.

Our work with businesses to assess the feasibility and risk elements of their operations in Curacao makes up a significant portion of what we undertake for multinational organizations with an interest in setting up a branch, subsidiary, or satellite site there.

For contract discussions, terms, zoning requirements, and permits, we interact with governmental offices such as infrastructure, tax, and labor departments. For employment, spouse, and family permits, we collaborate with immigration. We register our logos and file for intellectual property rights. We collaborate with actuaries, notaries, and other service specialists needed to manage documents. We oversee, evaluate, and provide advice on leases between landlords and tenants as well as agreements to buy property or a building.


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