Does Infographic Design Still Count In Digital Marketing?

Businesses are putting it upon themselves that their marketing is simple yet highly convincing. The goal is to ensure their audience clearly understands their message. However, this goal has been threatened as competition increases and the attention span of people narrows.

That’s more reason why businesses should incorporate strategic ways to communicate their messages to their audience effectively to avoid losing their audience to their competitors. 

One of the ways businesses achieve this is through infographic design. Infographic designing is proving to be one of the most effective and efficient marketing tools to pass across complex information persuasively.

Beyond the visuals and designs, it has a way of attracting your audience to read the message you’ve got for them about your brand. In fact, it has been statistically proven that publishers who use infographics see traffic grow an average of 60% more than those who don’t. This is to tell you how powerful infographics are.

However, to have first-hand experience of the benefits of infographic designing. It is important to partner with an agency that is dedicated to this assignment. Outsourcing this job role to a digital marketing agency India is the best thing to do to grow your business through infographic designing.

In this blog post, we will be looking at the meaning of infographic designing, its benefits in growing your business, the key points to know when designing, and why you should partner with a digital marketing agency India to handle your infographic design.


What is Infographic designing?

Infographic designs which can be called information graphics are simply the visual representation of information. So then, what is Infographic designing? 

Infographic designing is the process or act of creating a visually engaging representation of complex information or data. This information may include statistical data, processes, comparisons, product features, and many more.

It is important to note that the mind in the infographic is more than just getting your audience to engage or be excited. It must help them understand and remember the information you are passing on to them. The content should break down from complex topics to easily consumed ones.


Benefits of infographic designing in growing your business

Infographic designing is a powerful tool that can make your business grow massively. Some of the top benefits of it will be discussed below:

Uplifting brand awareness

One of the top benefits of using infographic designs in your marketing effort is that it helps increase your brand visibility and recognition. This is so because when you create and share visually engaging infographics, your logo, and brand colors, your audience recognizes it with your brand. A study shows that using a signature color can cause an 80% increase in a consumer’s recognition of your brand.

Simplifies complex information

Businesses that make use of complex terms due to the nature of the business can use visually appealing infographics to break down complex information to their audience in order for easy and seamless understanding to take place. The truth remains that a potential consumer only patronizes a brand that they feel they understand what their brand is all about to propel brand loyalty.

Enhances engagement

Another top benefit is that infographic designs have the tendency to enhance engagement in your content posts. Yes, because visual elements grab attention and encourage people to engage with what you provide in the content.

Appeals to different learning styles

People learn through diverse means but when you implement infographic designs to your marketing efforts, it accommodates various learning preferences. This is so because infographics cater to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners by combining text, images, and interactive elements just to accommodate various learning preferences.

Boosting SEO and web traffic

Infographics can definitely attract more visitors to your website by being eye-catching, shareable, and linkable. And when your infographics are shareable and linkable, it leads to higher search engine ranking. It can also increase the SEO of your website by using relevant keywords.

Simplifies storytelling

Infographics make it possible for businesses to tell their story in a visually engaging way. When used to tell your brand story, it is a way of emotionally connecting with your audience and once this is established, patronizing your brand becomes easy. That is why it is important to convey your message well enough.

Enhances social media presence

One nice attribute about infographics is that it’s easily shareable on social media platforms. And when this takes place, it boosts your content’s reach and attracts new potential customers to get to know about your brand.


Keys to note when designing infographics

Highlight the goals for creating it

Knowing the purpose you want your infographics to serve is essential. It helps you consider the message you want to convey and the target audience you want to reach. Highlighting your goals will serve as a guide to every other thing.

Simplicity is key

The main essence of infographic designing is to break down complex information for easy understanding. Therefore, simple terms should be used for the text, and refrain from using too many colors to avoid overshadowing the message you intend to convey.

Get creative

Creativity is what makes infographics grab the attention of the intended audience. Thinking out of the box and designing something unusual is key.


Why you should partner with a digital marketing agency India

Professional designs

When you outsource your infographic design to a digital marketing agency India, you are certain to get professional designs and not some low-quality or mediocre designs.

Digital marketing expertise

Digital marketing agencies in India are equipped with team members who are highly experienced and expert in their job. This is so because they have dedicated their time to practicing their skill so nothing less is not expected.


By partnering with a digital marketing agency in India, consistency in your infographic design is certain.

In summary, infographic designing plays a major role in growing your business and increasing your brand awareness. However, all this will only be possible when you partner with a digital marketing agency in India.

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