Different Types Of Custom Tuck Boxes For Product Packaging

You have experienced different types of packaging boxes for different purposes. Have you ever noticed that custom tuck boxes are the most common custom boxes in the market?

Because of their variety of designs, they are widely used for all kinds of packaging. Cosmetic, electronic, and fragile products businesses prefer tuck boxes for safety measures. 

In today’s article, we will have a deep view of packaging tuck boxes and all of their types. Let’s dig it up!

What are Custom Tuck Boxes? 

Perfect measurements and the best unboxing experience, both of these are the primary concerns of all businesses regarding custom packaging boxes. 

Every brand has its standards in the market, so the packaging should also meet its needs. These custom tuck end boxes aren’t that complex to use, they have easy-to-open and close flaps. 

Their user-friendly experience can give a boost to the visual attraction of your products. Let’s talk about the types of custom tuck packaging boxes for your better understanding! 

Types of Custom Tuck Boxes

Packaging always varies based on the products. That’s why the different kinds of tuck boxes are present in the market which are used accordingly. 

  • Top Tuck Boxes
  • Straight Tuck Boxes
  • Reverse Tuck Boxes 
  • Crash Bottom Boxes 
  • Lock Bottom Boxes 

All of these are well-recognized types of tuck boxes that are widely used by different businesses.      

Top Tuck Boxes

Custom top tuck boxes are mostly used for sweet packaging, presenting gifts, and cosmetic products. All of these boxes contain side walls which make them strong. They provide the best user-friendly opening experience. 

If you are planning to give a gift to your beloved one then custom top tuck boxes are the best options for you to make your gift worth representing.    

Straight Tuck Boxes

You can find these boxes everywhere in the market because of their higher demand. All of the straight tuck end are entirely different from the rest of the boxes.

These custom tuck boxes have a very unique and fascinating slit-locking design that lets you keep your product safe in it. Another interesting factor is you can have all of these boxes customized according to your product needs.   

Reverse Tuck Boxes 

There isn’t that much difference between reverse tuck boxes and straight tuck boxes. Its closing panels are quite different, you have observed that one closing panel is at the front of the box and the other one is at the back of the box. Many businesses love to have it because of its pressure-bearing capabilities. 

Crash Bottom Boxes

Now many of you are curious to know why we call them crash bottom boxes. Because you will find them in a flat form and can pop them up while using them. 

These boxes are used to carry heavier products because they are strong enough to bear the weight.  

Lock Bottom Boxes 

These types of custom tuck boxes are specially designed to hold weight. Because it is closed from the bottom, where you can find two flaps strongly interlinked with each other. 

PackagingDesires provides all of these custom tuck end boxes at a very affordable budget because their central concern is to let businesses grow.

Final Thoughts

Custom boxes are one of the modern tools for advertising your products which generates more sales. In today’s article, we have elaborated on all of the worth-telling types of custom tuck boxes. 

After deep research, we tried our best to compile all of this authentic information to make this conversation more knowledgeable for you.  


What are custom tuck boxes?

These packaging boxes have customized dimensions, sizes, and shapes. 

How many types of product packaging? 

There are so many types of product packaging, a few of them are given below! 

  • Plastic boxes 
  • Rigid boxes
  • Poly bags
  • Paperboard boxes

Which material is used in tuck boxes? 

Paper stock is used in making tuck boxes which gives them fascinating finishing.   

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