Boast Your Product’s Quality with Custom Gable Boxes

Brands these days strive to pack and present their products distinctively to the target audience. One of the best ways to achieve this is via packaging. Customization enables brands to go as creative as they want. Brands opt for different styles and shapes of these boxes as per their product needs. One of the highly popular packaging solutions is Custom Gable Boxes, known for their convenience and versatile looks.

Custom gable boxes feature a square bottom and a top that features a handle to provide customers with maximum ease and convenience. These boxes are an ideal option for brands to pack and present their products in style. Moreover, this also fosters their image and reputation in the market and boosts the perceived value of the product.

Most of the time, brands belonging to the medical, food, and cosmetic industries benefit from the marketing perks and convenience of these boxes. To make them even more tailored towards the brand’s offerings, different relevant visuals and captivating graphics can be added to these boxes, along with the product and brand’s insights. Here, we are going to discuss some of the benefits and top features of these boxes:

Benefits of Custom Gable Boxes

The beautiful handles these boxes feature make them the top choice for brands as well as the customers. Whatever the packaging goal is, customer features provide brands with the freedom to opt for whatever changes they want in terms of the design, shape, style, and color of these boxes. To further embellish these boxes, brands can choose different finish options like die-cut, windows, foil stamping, UV spotting, etc. Such enticing looks play a major role in amping the looks of these boxes. The top benefits are listed below:

  • These act as a handy packaging solution for brands, offering easy assembling and product transit. Using premium and lightweight materials in their making, these boxes boast maximum strength and help in delivering the product in a safe and sound condition to the customers. Materials such as cardboard, paperboard, and rigid, are the top picks for crafting these boxes. This lets these boxes bear varying pressures and act as a shield for the product against all external threats.
  • Brands can choose the options they like, from offset and digital printing, as well as color options such as PMS and CMYK color schemes. Choosing the best one renders these boxes an excellent texture and makes them look alluring from the outside. Thus, such boxes when placed anywhere, can serve as the spokesperson for the brand and entice bring maximum sales and revenue.
  • The handle at the top lets the customers easily carry these boxes wherever they want, without putting much effort. This is the top benefit of custom gable boxes and makes them stand out from all other packaging types. When customers have an exciting unboxing experience and receive their product in an excellent state, this automatically directs maximum people towards your product, upon learning their prior good experiences.
  • For brands looking to gain a significant competitive advantage over all their competitors, using these boxes is the best decision to make. Leveraging this type of packaging, they can observe a rise in their product’s perceived value and encourage customers to give it a try. Moreover, with fine unboxing experiences, there comes a drastic upsurge in the customers’ loyalty as well as the brand’s trustworthiness.

Top Aspects of Custom Printed Gable Boxes

These boxes are available in a wide range of styles, such as full or half telescope, as well as non-telescoping. As the name suggests, a full telescope has the lid covering the entire base, whereas, in the case of partial telescope, the lid doesn’t cover it fully and only offers half coverage to the base. Depending upon their packaging goals, brands can opt for the style of gable packaging boxes accordingly.

Depending upon the required thickness levels and security aspects, the material can be chosen accordingly. For lightweight items, cardboard is perfect to choose from, and for medium to heavy ones, paperboard is an excellent option to consider. Whereas, for the heaviest ones, rigid material is an ideal choice.

These boxes act as a cost-effective solution for brands. Their sustainable nature makes them a top pick, as they don’t contribute to any hazardous situations for the surroundings. As they are bio-degradable, they can be recycled and reprocessed, eliminating the need for making them from scratch.

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