Are you working on your personal website? This is what you should see first

Would you like to develop yourself as a brand?

Are you building a personal website to highlight all of your strengths and impressive professional background?

If that’s the case, it’s crucial to make sure your actions have a positive impact. The internet is overflowing with personal websites, making you likely to face fierce competition. So, how will you make yourself stand out?

A web development company in dubai can guide you well.

Have you ever considered this?

Keeping this in mind, we’ve highlighted a few personal websites that are doing well in their respective domains. The only reason I’m presenting these portfolios is to motivate you to come up with some creative ideas for your own portfolio website.

Hannah Silverton

We’ve already highlighted in previous pieces that a logo establishes your brand’s personality.

 Similarly, Hannah’s website captivates visitors with an eye-catching logo. She then intelligently describes what she does and what you can expect when you interact with her.

The testimonial section on her website is another fantastic feature. She understands exactly what this part can do to position herself as a credible option for prospects.

Joshua McCartney

Adding a touch of humor to your website can be really effective at times, but it should not obscure the primary goal and meaning.

 Josh’s portfolio is an excellent example of this.

 It begins with a humorous segment but quickly captures everyone’s attention with a remarkably concise display of his services and work history.

 Dan Makoski

 A simple yet acceptable approach produces a lasting impression, especially when creating a personal website. Dan Makoski does it exceptionally well.

 Every single element on his website has a reason to exist. Dan’s portfolio is also unique in terms of analyzing his potential and understanding of design, but it all comes together with the great user experience provided by his website.

 According to Quinnton J. Harris, images are a powerful tool for establishing a strong brand identity. As a result, Quinnton’s website ranks highly on this list.

 He is an aspiring designer, but the way he customizes his work distinguishes him from many others.


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