All About Brown Fused Alumina

  • Equally perfect for grinding metals with high tensile strengths is brown fused alumina. Due to its excellent thermal properties, it is an excellent material for producing refractory products. Brown fused alumina is produced by melting calcined bauxite at temperatures greater than 2000oC in an electric arc furnace. Crystals progressively harden to create blocky structures after the fusing. Titania levels during the fusing process must be tightly controlled for the best grain toughness.
  • Due to its abrasive nature, aluminum oxide is frequently used as a blasting medium on things like metal, glass, wood, and other types of material. Its robustness and adaptability appeal to professionals across the industry. Aluminum oxide is ground into different grains, much like sandpaper.
  • You may use it for a multitude of things and it can even be recycled. You can continue to use it till it deteriorates. How soon aluminum oxide degrades depends on the type of material you are blasting and the pressure you are blasting at. It is also remarkably durable and powerful. It functions on a variety of metals, including titanium and stainless steel, as well as other materials.
  • Brown Fused aluminum oxide is a superior material to others because of its many unique properties. Aluminum oxide is an abrasive with a low iron content that won’t cause the surface of your part to rust. Deposits of rust can commonly cause problems with subsequent processes.
  • Aluminum oxide is a cost-efficient blasting abrasive since it can be recovered and used for additional blasting passes. Aluminum oxide produces less dust because there is less particle breakage because it is a tougher abrasive than others.
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