All About Abrasive Paper And Rare Earth Polishing Powder

  • When preparing metallographic abrasive paper made specifically for metallography is used for both coarse and fine grinding. The electrostatic sand planting technology is used to create the specially designed water-resistant metallographic sandpaper using chosen silicon carbide abrasive grains with uniform particle size and outstanding grinding effect as abrasives.


  • It possesses the qualities of durability, sharp grinding, and even dispersion of abrasive particles. The sample has a rapid grinding speed and a thin deformation layer as a result, which makes it particularly useful for tough or hard materials.


  • The faults of the sample being processed and dusty when using regular metallographic sandpaper can be fully eliminated with water-grinding, which can be used for both rough grinding and fine grinding.


  • Polishing powder is typically made up of ceria, alumina, silicon oxide, iron oxide, zirconia, and other ingredients. Rare earth polishing powder and other polishing powder materials are also common. The application circumstances vary due to the hardness and chemical characteristics of various materials in water. Due to their similar hardness and high chemical activity, ceria and silicate glass are frequently employed in glass polishing.


  • Cerium oxide particle size: ZF glass should utilize fiber polishing powder because tougher materials can be ground more forcefully with larger cerium oxide particle sizes. It should be mentioned that the distribution of ceria particles is problematic.
  • The maximum particle size Dmax determines the polishing accuracy, while the average particle size or median diameter D50 simply determines the polishing speed. Therefore, in order to achieve high precision, it is required to restrict the maximum particle size of polishing powder.


  • Concentration of the polishing slurry: The polishing process’s polishing speed is governed by the slurry’s concentration. The pace of polishing increases with increasing attention. When utilizing polishing powder with fine particles, the slurry concentration needs to be appropriately controlled.


  • The polishing die should be softer when choosing one for cerium polishing powder. It should be noted that many polyurethane polishing wafers include ceria powder. The accuracy of the final polishing is also based on the maximum particle size of these powders.


  • The most crucial step in preparing a specimen for microstructural examination is polishing. It is the step that must be taken in order to fully repair any damage from the past. It would be ideal to reduce the amount of damage caused by cutting and grinding by proper blade and abrasive grinding to reduce the need for polishing.
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