5 Common IVF Misconceptions: Myths VS Reality

There are many misconceptions and myths regarding IVF and its treatment. Many people have false beliefs and different perceptions about IVF treatments. The main reason behind these myths is a lack of knowledge and understanding. People do not know properly about IVF and where or how it is used. Because of this, people have their own perceptions regarding IVF. 

It will take collective efforts in society to debunk myths about it and allow people to opt for IVF treatments from a qualified professional. Visit the best IVF centre in Punjab and get treatment from experts, as they very well distinguish between myths and facts.

Common IVF Myths And Their Reality

These are some of the common IVF myths, and their reality these are as follows:

Myth 1: IVF can solve all infertility problems

Reality: The success of IVF is dependent on multiple factors such as age, weight, medical condition, lifestyle, diet, and many more. IVF is just one of the many Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) techniques. For all infertility problems, IVF is not suggested. Other treatment techniques such as ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) and IUI (Intrauterine Insemination). The best IVF centre in Ludhiana will recommend an ART technique, depending on your condition.

Myth 2: IVF children are born unhealthy or have birth defects

Reality: This is another common myth that IVF children are born with defects or malformations. One must remember that defects and malformations or anomalies are unexpected; they can happen to anyone. However, the majority of the children born through IVF are healthy and in perfect shape. IVF does not make the children develop anomalies or defects. 

Myth 3: IVF treatment is expensive and only for the rich

Reality: Many people believe that IVF treatment is only for the rich and, hence, do not even try to opt for it. However, this is absolutely false. Different IVF centres provide affordable IVF treatment costs in Ludhiana. Consult different centres to find the sender that offers high-quality treatment at an affordable cost. The treatment cost has become very cheap and is now accessible to everyone. 

Myth 4: IVF has 100% success rate

Reality: Some people believe that IVF treatments are 100% successful, but it is just a myth and not reality. Even though IVF helps many couples get pregnant, it does not guarantee 100% success. The general success rate of IVF is 40 per cent, depending on various factors. Couples opting for IVF treatment must keep realistic expectations and be aware of the general success rate of IVF. Opt for affordable IVF treatment costs in Ludhiana. Consult the doctor about your condition, and get realistic feedback about your chances of success through IVF.

Myth  5: IVF treatment is beneficial only for young couples

Reality: Although it is true that IVF provides better results to young couples, it does not mean it is beneficial only for them. This does not mean that older couples cannot conceive through IVF. There are plenty of examples in society, such as well-known celebrities and public figures, that opt for pregnancy later in life and achieve success through IVF or similar ART treatments. Thus, it is not true that IVF is only beneficial for young couples; it has helped many couples of older age achieve their dream of becoming parents. 


IVF is emerging, and different couples opt for this treatment to get pregnant naturally. You can visit the best IVF centre and get affordable IVF treatment costs in Bathinda. Do not fall prey to misconceptions; always consult your doctor and get the right knowledge and facts regarding IVF.

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