Where to fix iPhone and iPad in Dubai

Are you looking for the best iPhone repair center in Dubai, When a competent iPhone technical service  is required , the ideal is to have a professional, experienced company that knows the mechanism of the device perfectly and works with top quality tools and components.

At iPhone Repair Dubai  we are specialists in repairing iPhone , iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch and any other type of Apple brand equipment that you may have in your possession.

How much does iPhone repair cost?

Thanks to our online quote system you can instantly check the price of all our repairs.

To do this, simply find your iPhone model in the top menu and then select the repair you need. The final price will automatically appear at the bottom of the screen.

If you are looking for the price to repair a iPhone or you do not know what the fault is with your phone, you must take the device to any of our centers or request home collection by selecting the Service quote option. In both cases, our technicians will need to make a prior diagnosis to assess the damage and be able to offer you a reasonable price to repair the iPhone.

Problems that an iPhone can have

The iPhone is one of the most durable and highly rated smartphones on the market. In fact, year after year Apple strives to improve its new models’ careful design, the quality of its components and their durability.

However, it must be taken into account that, as it is a portable device that we use for practically everything and that we always carry with us, it is prone to damage from accidents such as knocks or falls.


iPhone Screen Repair Dubai is, without a doubt, one of the most requested repairs in our technical service for Apple products. This element is very prone to breakage when the mobile falls or hits another object (and this happens very frequently), although it can also be scratched by keys when carrying the device in a bag or pants pocket and damaged by liquid seepage.

Broken screens don’t just mean cracked glass, but also distorted images, spots, vertical stripes, and even screens with non-functional touch controls despite being in good physical condition.

In our centers we have the best experts to change the screen of your iPhone quickly and efficiently.


Another of the most requested repairs on a daily basis in our technical support for iPhone is changing the battery. This is one of the parts of the device that wears out the most over time and can also deteriorate in risky situations such as falls, liquid leaks, power surges, etc.

If you notice that your phone turns off for no reason, restarts itself, or even if when you connect it to the charger the battery level does not go up or drains very quickly, this means that you probably need to change the iPhone battery .

Is your iPhone battery draining quickly?

As with all mobile devices, the rechargeable battery has a limited lifespan and will need to be replaced over time. This is because, with use, the capacity and performance of the iPhone battery decreases.

If your phone is already a few years old and you notice that the iPhone battery is draining faster than usual, the most common thing to do is to iPhone battery replacement Dubai and change it for a new one at a specialized technical service.


The camera is one of the big draws for iPhone users due to its high definition and professional features.

The most common problem with the iPhone camera is opening the app and finding the screen completely black. In most cases, it is possible to solve this by freeing up space on the phone by deleting other photos and apps that you do not use or simply restarting the iPhone.

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