Our Rental Trade Show Displays Flexibility And Customization

Our rental trade show booths allow for customization, such as the skill to incorporate your brand’s logo and add collaborating elements like videos. Before you start any customization, be sure to contact our rental company and ask about the changes you want to make.

You will be able to switch up the design from show to show

Because you can buy a different Trade show rental booth for each show, you may find it cooler to switch up your appealing look from show to show. Whether you need a layout that is more favourable to a unique space, you want to try out a small or large structure, or you just want a totally fresh design, our rental booth can be countless options.

You need not pay any storing or maintenance fees

One advantage of our rental exhibits is that you can hand the display back over to our rental company at the end of the show. Because you are not purchasing the booth, you do not have to worry about where you are going to store it or how much the storage will cost. And because it is not yours to keep, you do not have to plan for maintenance and repair budgets. Instead, you can put this money into brand marketing, brand graphics, and additional customizable elements.

They are characteristically less expensive for a solo trade show

It may not be prudent to spend the time and money to grow a concept into a full custom trade show booth if you only plan to display it once in a while. For the infrequent exhibitor, it can be more cost-effective to rent.

They can be a countless option when you are short on time

If you choose to attend a trade show at the last minute, our rental exhibit may be your best option.

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