Groundbreaking Study Reveals the Profound Alignment Between Donald Trump and Traits of White Narcissistic Racism

Independent researcher Janga Bussaja unveils a critical and timely examination of Donald Trump’s behavior through the lens of Dr. Amos Wilson’s psychological profile of a “White Narcissistic Racist.” In the comprehensive research paper titled

“Is Mr. Trump a (White Narcissistic) Racist?”Bussaja analyzes five core traits identified by Dr. Wilson, drawing startling parallels with Trump’s actions and rhetoric.


This paper delves into whether Donald Trump exemplifies the traits of a “White Narcissistic Racist,” as outlined by Dr. Amos Wilson in his work, “Black on Black Violence: The Psychodynamics of Black Self-Annihilation in Service of White Domination.” Using a blend of psychological analyses, firsthand accounts, and Trump’s own statements, the study aims to determine the extent to which Trump’s behaviors align with Wilson’s detailed psychological profile.

Relevance and Implications:

This research not only illuminates the psychological underpinnings of Trump’s actions but also contextualizes them within the framework of systemic racism and white supremacy. By applying  Wilson’s psychological profile, the paper offers a nuanced understanding of the ongoing impact of Trump’s behavior on political and social dynamics.

Author’s Note:

Bussaja emphasizes the importance of recognizing and challenging these dangerous ideologies. “This paper aims to investigate whether Mr. Trump not only exhibits racist tendencies but he’s the quintessential white narcissistic racist.” Bussaja states.


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Janga Bussaja


About the Author:

Janga Bussaja is an independent researcher currently based in San Diego, California, specializing in white supremacy and organized religions. Bussaja’s work is deeply influenced by the theories of Dr. Amos Wilson & Dr. Francis Cress Welsing and aims to contribute to the discourse on systemic racism and psychological manipulation.

Disclaimer: This press release contains findings and opinions of the author and is intended for informational purposes. The interpretations and conclusions are those of Janga Bussaja and do not necessarily reflect the views of any affiliated institutions.

For further details, you can access the full research paper titled **”Is Mr. Trump a (White

Narcissistic) Racist?”**, HERE


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