Best Service CRM with After Sales Service Management Software

Every business now focuses on providing the best after sales experience to its customers. The companies do so by implementing the best after sales service management software in their business. Read on to find out more details.

Customer relationship management is becoming an important process for each business. Regardless of your company’s size and industry type, every business needs to maintain a healthy relationship with its customers. When we talk about customer satisfaction, after sales service also plays an important role. How can you do so? With after sales service management software! Read on to find out its meaning and the best software for your business.

What Is After Sales Service Management Software?

After-sales management software is an advanced solution used to optimise field sales operations at both the execution and the managerial level. It is a centralised platform where your entire team functions remotely. It provides a range of solutions like task management, leave management, expense management, and many other custom features. The greatest advantage of sales team tracking software is automating business workflows. It makes time-consuming tasks much easier and efficient to manage by the companies.

Which Is the Best After Sales Service Management Software?

Choosing the best after sales service management software is significant for every business. Why? This is because the software helps you provide excellent customer service even after the purchase of the product or services. However, which might be the best sales tracker software for your business? Most companies rely on TrackoField’s after sales management software as it provides innovative features. Some of these features are as follows: 

  • Real-Time Employee Monitoring

With the real-time tracking feature of sales tracking software, the management can get real-time insights into the precise whereabouts of field employees. You can efficiently know the live work status and daily progress of your remote workforce with just a few clicks. 

  • Total Distance Travelled Reports

The after sales service management software also provides auto reports on the total distance travelled by field sales representatives. TrackoField provides the most accurate distance-covered reports with an accuracy rate of up to 98%. The best part? The software does not excessively drain the phone battery of sales executives. 

  • Geo-Verified Operations

TrackoField’s sales tracking software is also useful to ensure transparency in the activities of the remote workforce. How? Through the software, you can enable geo-coding features for different processes such as geofencing, geo-tagged attendance, geo-verified task delegation, and many others. Therefore, a field sales representative would be required to go to the geo-enabled location for different field force operations.

  • Offline Accessibility 

TrackoField ensures that your business operates seamlessly even without or with low internet connectivity. Your field sales representatives can continue their activities like creating orders or marking their attendance offline. Thereafter, TrackoField’s sales tracker software will sync the data when your field employee is online. 

  • Task Management 

The after sales service management software by TrackoField also helps the management to assign, create, and track tasks in real time. You can schedule monthly, weekly, or yearly tasks for your field sales representatives. Furthermore, the software also provides real-time updates whenever the manager assigns a task or employees update their task status on the software. 

  • Seamless Integration 

Another reason to invest in TrackoField’s sales tracking software is that it can effortlessly integrate with other business systems and software. For instance, if you want to integrate the payroll management software or HRMS with our software, it can be done efficiently. 

  • Communication Support 

TrackoField’s after sales service management software also helps businesses optimise their team coordination. The software provides text and voice messaging features for effective communication. Furthermore, you can share the attachments in different formats within the software. 


If you are looking for the best sales tracking software, then end your search with TrackoField. It is a pioneer SaaS-based software provider across many countries. The after sales management software of the company provides various features to streamline your entire field service management software. Want to try? Book your demo now!

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